JULIUS DEMING, (son of David) born 16 Apr. 1755 in North Lyme, Conn.; died 23 Jan. 1838 in Litchfield, Conn.; married 7 Aug. 1781 in Westchester, Conn., Dorothy Champion, daughter of Henry, and Deborah (Brainard) Champion, born 29 Oct. 1759 in Westchester; died 4 Dec. 1830 in Litchfield.

Julius Deming served in the Continental Army during the Revolution,† and attained to the rank of Captain of Cavalry. He was detailed as Acting Assistant Commissary General, and accompanied the relief train of cattle sent to General Washington at Valley Forge. After the war he moved to Litchfield where he commenced business in 1781, and soon developed unusual ability as a merchant. He acquired considerable property, and was well and favorably known throughout the state. In 1790, 1791 and 1798 he was elected a member of the Legislature of Connecticut, and he served as County Treasurer of Litchfield County from 1801 to 1814. His residence “The Lindens” is still standing in Litchfield, and is now owned and occupied by his grandson Hon. Julius Deming Perkins.

† Conn. Men in the Rev. pp. 630 and 653.

Story source:
Deming, Judson Keith “Genealogy of the Descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut” (Dubuque, Iowa: Press of Mathis-Mets Co., 1904) p. 122

Watercolor portrait miniature on ivory of Julius Deming, painted by Anson Dickinson in 1825.

Image source:
From the collection of the Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, Connecticut.