MASTER’S MESSAGE Jan. 16, 2019


It is my distinct honor to have been elected to serve as Master of St. Paul’s Lodge for the coming year. I want to thank the newly-elected officers for their commitment in joining with me to lead St. Paul’s Lodge to a successful and rewarding 2019.

Our goal is to continue and to build upon the successful programs and events of the past year and to develop new ones to increase our lodge’s impact on our members and our community.

Our primary focus will be to attract the interest of potential new Masons through the awareness generated by our community involvement and general public presence.

We will seek to expand the participation and involvement of those members whom we have not seen about the lodge in recent months.

We intend to complete the renovation and beautification of our lodge building which began in 2018. This will significantly increase public awareness of St. Paul’s Lodge. While as Masons we have secrets, in the future our Masonic Temple will no longer be one of them.

I welcome your suggestions for ways in which we can improve. I look forward to hearing from you.


Pat Iannuzzi
Worshipful Master

MASTER’S MESSAGE Dec. 26, 2017

My Brothers,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I assume the position of Master of Saint Paul’s Lodge No. 11 for the year A.L 6018. I look forward to working with you to honor the brothers who have come before us by building on their great work.

A major priority St. Paul’s Lodge will be to increase and enhance communication among our brothers. We have a comprehensive list of programs and activities planned for the year, and we will make every attempt to keep our members informed. We will do this through emails, newsletters and most significantly, through this newly created website. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Brother Ken Buckbee for the many hours that he has put in to establish our website and to make it the effective communications vehicle that it now is. Ken has also set up a Facebook page for our lodge. Please take a few minutes to explore our site to see and experience its many features.

You will also be able to view our trestle board for 2018 on this website. Simply follow the link. We’ve scheduled the complete year to give you a good idea of the events that we’ve planned. We will update the trestle board as needed. Additionally, your input as to programs and activities that you would like to see implemented would be sincerely appreciated.

I am very fortunate and proud to have such outstanding officers with whom to work with this coming year, and I am confident that, together, we will be able have significant impact on our brothers and our community.

I wish to thank all of the brothers of St. Paul’s for their trust and support in electing me your Master.


Pat Iannuzzi
Worshipful Master 2018