In May of 1781, Brother Ashbel Baldwin presented a petition to the Massachusetts Grand Lodge signed by himself and other Masons from Litchfield who were affiliated with other lodges. There were fourteen signatures in all. After due consideration by Massachusetts Grand Lodge, the charter was granted and duly signed by Grand Master Joseph Webb and other officers including Paul Revere, whose signature is still legible on the original charter. There being no postal service as such, the charter and other pertinent documents were sent to Litchfield by special messenger, who arrived in Litchfield on June 10, 1781. On June 13, the first meeting of St. Paul’s Lodge No. 16 was held with Ashbel Baldwin as Master.

Having no Temple, their meetings were held at the homes of various members, in taverns or in rented quarters.

In the realignment of Lodges after the forming of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, St. Paul’s became No. 11, and was instrumental in the forming of many lodges, most of which have since disbanded.

In 1885, the Methodist Church on Meadow Street was purchased. The Lodge continues to meet there today.