Since 1824 Temple Lodge #65 has served the community of Westport, Connecticut. In fact, the Lodge existed before the actual creation of Westport itself. Many of the founding fathers of the Town were Freemasons and members of Temple Lodge. The original site of the Lodge was on the upper floor of what is now called National Hall. In 1902 the Lodge moved to its present location at 210 Post Road East. While we are proud of our 190+ year existence in Westport, we always keep in mind that modern Freemasonry dates from the founding of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717. And before that the Regius Manuscript, written in 1390, points to a Masonic foundation in the 1200’s. Every Freemason for almost 800 years has walked the same fraternal path, taken the same obligations, and kept in mind the same basic Masonic tenets – – Equality, Fraternity, and Charity.