On Sunday January 3, 2021, PGM Walter Koechel installed a full line of officers at Temple Lodge 65, accompanied, family, and curious onlookers.

Officers Elected:

W. Master: Bruce Duff Secretary: Tom Fagan
S. Warden: Scott Adelman Treasurer: Frank Caolo
J. Warden: Mark Yurkiw Marshall: Irving Lieff
S. Deacon: Luke Lamparelli Chaplain: Richard Ruggiano
J. Deacon: Woody Hittle Tyler: Harvey Hartin
S. Steward: Dave Rupar Historian: Steven Bowen
Almoner: Bradley Agar Organist: Matthew Caputo

Attendees are:

MW Walter Kaechele with wife Martha
Bruce Duff’s family: wife – Joanne, son – Bob, daughter in law – Tracy, grandsons – Ryan and Colin

Officers in Lodge:
Steve Bowen, Gary Sandler, Frank Caolo, Dennis Corsalini, Dave Rupar, Luke Lamparelli, Scott Adelman, Rich Ruggiano, Tom Fagan

Brothers on Zoom:
Gary Escedi, Woody Hittle, Tony Giunta, Mark Yurkiw (Officer), John Kahler