To the brothers of Temple Lodge No. 65,

It is with tremendous humility that I assume the privileged role of Worshipful Master to represent and strive to Shepard the brothers of TL 65 through a year of continued brotherhood and solidarity.

The weight of negligence would fall heavily upon mine name if I failed to recognize with due reverence the outstanding leadership and exemplary spirit of brotherhood and charity imbued in my predecessor Worshipful Brother Richard Ruggiano. I can only aspire to walk in the wake of the impression his footprints have left behind and continue the legacy of leadership that Temple Lodge deserves. Thank you for a year to remember and for showing us how we can Triumph in the face of adversity and doubt, with a firm and steadfast resolution.

Harmony has been highlighted as the primary theme of TL 65’s for the last few years. I too wish to continue to stress the value and importance of harmony within our lodge and in so doing, echo the sentiments evoked by the memorable analogy of former Worshipful Master Mark Agnew of how the harmony of music is dependent upon proper merging of the various instruments required for beautiful music to resound. After all, is it not beautiful music we wish to make when we grow as men, thrive as a brotherhood, and bring forth good will and charity through our labors?

I see the components of harmony in the literal sense as comprised of individual respect for one another, compassion and understanding, patience, selflessness, support, and encouragement.

I would as well aspire to evoke over time a nurtured spirit of enthusiasm, commitment, bravery, and support for all brothers of the lodge. It is my wish that no true brother among us feel any lack in their belonging, any fear in their failing, any doubt in their importance, and any shortfall in their potential. Let us walk together, nay rise together on our journey, and embrace as well as embody the virtues that Masonry espouses.

This is my wish for the coming year and the years to come:

That we each do our part to embody these characteristics and truly strive to make our masonic experience that which we deserve and that which we believe it can and should be.

In closing I ask that we carry in our hearts the significance of immortal words expressed by former President Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”. I hope all our brothers in similarity “Ask what you can do for your lodge”. In return, I pledge to the craft that I will do whatever is in my power to help you along your Masonic journey so that you become not weary in well doing.

Most Sincerely,
WM Gary M. Sandler