January through March 2022
                                                        200 Center Road • Easton, CT 06612 • 203-445-9186
                                                                       Worshipful Master Eric S. Farrell


4/10/2022 Public Event
         Lodge will be open to the public for the purpose of taking in Donations for
         the people of Ukraine. This is not a Lodge event but the presence of a few
         Brothers would be nice. 3:00-5:00pm
4/13/2022 April Stated Communication.
        Dinner at 6:30, Gavel Down at 7:30, Education: Masonic Jeopardy
        Fun Night, Come dressed as your 17 year old self.
4/30/2022 Lodge Clean up day
        9:00am-12:00pm, Lunch to follow.
5/11/2022 May Stated Communication
       6:30 Dinner, Gavel Down 7:30, Education: Effective Communication
      Formation of Easton Town Party Committee.
6/8/2022 June Stated Communication
      6:30 Dinner, Gavel Down at 7:30, Pin Presentation 2020-2022 anniversaries
      We will be finalizing much business in anticipation of going Dim.
6/18/2022 Lodge Picnic “Grillfest” and Game Day
        1:00pm BBQ, Lawn Games and Fellowship, Families Welcome.
6/22/2022 Mastor Mason Degree
        Please inform the WM of your availability ASAP.
Summer Months will be Fellowship only
         Casual Dress, Informal Discussions, No Business.
         Second Wednesday of each Month 7:00-8:30pm.