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Worshipful Master Christopher M. Holmes


May 4th Semi-Public Reception For Brother Robert J. Furce who has been appointed R.W. District Deputy, And Brother Christopher             M. Holms who has been appointed Associate Grand Marshal for Masonic District 1C. Brakfast at 9:00am & Ceramony at 10:00am

May 8th  Stated Communication EA Degree

                6:30 Dinner, 7:00 PM Gavel down.

May 19th Concet for the Ukraine

May 22nd Blue Lodge Council - Location America St. Jons Lodge No. 8, 3960 Main Street, Stratford, CT

                Atire is Suit and Tie, Grand Master Edward C. Page will be in attendance.

                 6:30 Dinner, 7:00 PM Gavel down.

May 23rd Flower Moon Fellowsip 7:00pm

May 25th Holmy Day Celebration

Jun. 2nd  Psychic Readings (Sign up Genius will be sent out)

Jun. 12th  Stated Communication

          Traditional Hawaiin Night Dress

           Education by Bro. Cipot Freemasonry in War

            6:30 Dinner, 7:00 PM Gavel down.

June 26th  Blue Lodge Council - Location TBD

                6:30 Dinner, 7:00 PM Gavel down.