From the West

At the Lodge,

      I honor our Temple.

At the Lodge,

     I am at one with my brethren.

At the Lodge,

     I keep an open mind.

At the Lodge,

     I listen attentively to all and they to me.

At the Lodge,

     I engage my consciousness to Masonic Teachings.

At the Lodge,

     I enjoy a bountiful feast.

At the Lodge,

I become a better man.

Even though there is no I in Lodge, it is

where I belong.

WB Eric Farrell - Sr. Warden



From the South

Full Moon Fellowship Invitation On Monday, March 25th Worm Moon, our journey continues as part of the “Year of the Traveling Man”. I will be head to Anonwon Lodge, West Haven, for our Full Moon Fellowship. This visit is an excellent opportunity for fellowship, matching the Worshipful Master’s wishes for our Lodge this year.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the brethren from Anonwon Lodge; they are a solid Lodge of welcoming Brothers. It just so happens that their Stated Communication is perfectly timed with the full moon. I hope to see as many Ashlar-Aspetuck 142 Brothers with me that night.

If you want to join me on this journey, I have room for three more in my wagon. RSVP to me directly. I want to give them a head count for dinner. Although, January is the start of the Gregorian Calendar, for me, March feels like the real start to a new year. I look forward to a wonderful year.

With Brotherly Love,

JW Kraig Gray