Greetings Brethren:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Worshipful Master.  We have not had a repeat Master in our Lodge since 1900.  Our tradition is unique, but as a result, there are so many outstanding footsteps to follow.  I will do my best to live up to the confidence you have shown in me to carry our long history and tradition forward.  I know that I am supported by a very capable and talented line of Officers.

Our Lodge is blessed with an active and stable membership.  We have great turnout for even business Stated Communications.  In our Lodge we must continue to emphasize tolerance and brotherly love and remain open to innovative ideas while preserving our time-honored traditions.  Recognizing historical events and dates will be an emphasis for me this coming year.  This year will also be one that sets the table for our 200th Anniversary Celebration.  Our Lodge was Chartered in 1825 and I know all Brothers will help me set the stage for a wonderful and historic celebration.

The Grand Lodge program called Blue Wave gives us an excellent opportunity to attract good men to our Lodge.  We must make every effort to take advantage of this program.

We must continue to create the most rewarding Masonic experience possible.  Each Brother may seek various aspects of Masonry, whether it be ritual, charitable endeavors, fellowship, moral improvement, self-improvement, esoteric or philosophical learning, or historical study.  We need to support all of these. Mentorship is a vital component in inspiring and supporting our newer Brethren in continuing their Masonic journey.  A duty each recommender must fulfill.

The efforts of our Almoner have become an especially important and essential part of our “Brother to Brother” support as well as helping, assisting, and aiding our Lodge widows.  Nothing we do is more Masonic, and we will continue to build upon this in the coming year as we have done this past year.

This past year was instrumental in bringing our ladies and families back to friendly events as we continued to emerge from the pandemic.  We will build on that momentum in the coming year.  We will also do our best to reconnect with Brothers we have not heard from for some time by engaging all the officers in this effort.

Finally, we must never forget the splendid work done by the W.M.B.A. and those Brothers who volunteer their time, resources, and skills to provide maintenance and improvements to our Lodge.  We look forward to continuing with improvements to our Lodge building, making it a place we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your confidence in me as we move forward into 2024.


Kenneth Duane Roach II, Worshipful Master, 2024