Dues fees listed below include a $6 "handling charge" for online credit card payments. You are welcome to skip this charge by mailing a check to:

King Solomon's Lodge No.7
PO BOX 670
Woodbury, CT 06798.

Dues payments are considered delinquent after March 1st.

2023 Dues Schedule


Annual Member Dues

  • $110 Lodge Dues
  • $65 Grand Lodge Dues
  • ($6 Online Handling Fee)


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Annual Dual-Member Dues*

*For those paying Grand Lodge fees through their home lodge.

  • $110 Lodge Dues
  • ($6 Online Handling Fee)


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Other Donations **

  • Any other donations you'd like to make to the Lodge

Choose your Amount

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** IMPORTANT: For any additional donations, don’t forget to note the intended purpose in the check memo or in the “add a note” section if sending a Paypal Donation. Otherwise, it will go into the General Fund.

If you have any questions regarding dues and donations, please contact us.