The duty of the Almoner is to attend to the comfort and comforting of the aged and unfortunate among our Brethren and their dependents.

We need your Brotherly assistance to help identify any of our members and widows who are infirm, homebound, destitute, or in any other way in need and would benefit from a visit and/or assistance from our Lodge.

Many times a brother or widow may need assistance in non-monetary ways including (but not limited to) home repairs, yard cleanup, cutting wood, home visits, cleaning out a garage, moving etc. There are many ways to help besides giving money. But our Lodge won’t know someone is in need until someone points us in the right direction. We might also be able to prevent some brothers being dropped for Non Payment of Dues. We have set aside a small fund this year to help with the needs of our troubled Lodge Brothers.

Where the need is too great for KSL#7 to offer assistance, there is Grand Lodge has a Grand Almoner to determine if there are resources within the greater Masonic community that can be leveraged to provide relief. The Almoner is responsible for coordinating the Lodge’s efforts to provide assistance in time of adversity and need. It is his duty to keep the Master and the Lodge informed and to lead the way in coordinating the rendering of assistance to any member in need. However, I need your assistance to help me identify those in need.

Please contact Bro. Lewis directly ( or 203.982.3356) or WM Gaudioso. All information will be held in confidence and trust.