From The East


Greetings Brothers!

First of all: I got my wish, it's now 28 degrees when my dog gets his morning walk. A solid case of not being careful what you wish for I suppose. Moving on from my questionable weather preferences, this month is chock full of holidays and cookies! My brothers, my last message was about the moral and ideological foundations upon which our nation has been built. As stated, what was built thereon was another discussion, and here it is. Now the very first thing which must be taken into account is  that we are a union of very different states, not a group of near identical copies of the same city. The myriad of different people both in origin nation and ways of life created the need to have two sets of rules; one for everyone on the federal level and another for the individual states. Another feature of this new government would be the lack of power assigned to it, everything not assigned specifically to the federal government is not assumed to be theirs, but to belong to the people. In these ways, the powers of the constituent parts and the overarching government were, in a way balanced, and as intended, the many could not impose their will unilaterally upon the few. The Electoral college was the tool created for this express purpose, to prevent a small hand full of large cities from deciding everything for the rest of the nation. I often hear, even from members of my own family, that “the electoral college should be eliminated” and that “we should be a direct democracy”. I firmly disagree. We need to see how that would go, 2 out of 3 people in this country live 100 miles or less from the coast or a boarder. This means the vast majority of the land mass would get no say in how they are governed, this is why the colonies rebelled in the first place; someone far away telling them how to live and pay me taxes. The other major reason for my reluctance for a direct democracy, is the fact that it is really just a fancy to have mob rule. If the majority want the minority's rights dissolved or property expropriated, it's just one vote away. We have seen this recently in places like Venezuela, where the elected officials simply took the private business and property as they deemed necessary. There are checks to power installed throughout our foundational document, and these were put in place to try and curb man's worst nature. The check on the whims of the mob is called the Electoral College.

Till Next Month!

Daniel D. DeVoe II
Worshipful Master




First of all congratulations to Worshipful Master Daniel D.  DeVoe  II and his suite
of officers. I wish you all the best for the upcoming year!

I would like to thank my brothers of Cosmopolitan Lodge No.125 for the confidence on voting me in 
as your Senior Warden. I look forward to supporting Worshipful Master Daniel D. DeVoe II and his 
direction for the year. I would like to also extend my support to all the officers if they may need 
my assistance with their new chairs.
This will again be an interesting year with the rise of a new variant of the Covid virus, and I'm 
sure there will be more variants to come. We need to focus on our brothers and their families and 
what we can do to help them with their burden if they do contract the virus or have any other 
illness or distress. On a first hand note my family and I tested positive during the holidays. This 
was the second time for us. Thank God it wasn't like the first time! And we can vouch for the 
awesome feeling of support when your brothers reach out to you especially while your contained to 
your home again!

So where am I going with this. If any brother knows of another brother, or family member, oh wait 
let’s think about this. Anyone Mason or Not, that we may know or not know, that needs a friendly 
call or possibly some staples dropped off. PLEASE LET ME KNOW and we can do what a good Mason does. 
HELP any way we can!

Stay Healthy ~ Stay Safe
Keep Smiling!

Charles G. Ehrentraut, Sr.
Senior Warden



My Brothers,
I would like to thank all the brothers for voting for me as Junior Warden. The view from the South 
is bright. As Junior Warden, my responsibility is to see that the lodge is properly fed and to make 
reservations for upcoming events. The first event this year is Valentine's Day Dinner on February 12, 2022 at 6:00 PM at Cafe Amici.  Please 
call me at my home phone 203-468-6944 and leave a voice message or email me at with your reservation. Please specify name and number of attendees.

Thank you again for placing your confidence in me as Junior Warden.
Bruce Liebman
Junior Warden




R.W. B. Gary Matican,




My Brothers,

I would like to congratulate the officers of the lodge on being elected or appointed in their respective stations and places.
We should all look forward to a wonderful year as well being there for a Worshipful Master Daniel D. DeVoe II.
Last month we had our annual Paid Up Members Dinner. The turn out was somewhat light in attendance but the brothers as
a whole have been sending in their dues money and that makes my job a little easier. I thank all of you for that.
Now that winter has set in and the temperatures are much colder, please be safe out there as you travel or are just staying home. Just remember that the
lodge room temperature is always warm and welcoming. See you soon my brothers.

RW Gary Matican