Welcome to Estuary Lodge No. 43

Estuary Lodge No. 43 was created through the consolidation of 3 lodges: Siloam Lodge No. 32, Pythagoras Lodge No. 45 and Trinity Mount Olive Lodge No. 43. We received our Charter from Most Worshipful Grand Master George S. Greytak at an impressive ceremony conducted by him and the other Grand Lodge Officers of Connecticut on October 19, 2005. The name denotes the geographical characteristic of the area; where the current of the Connecticut River meets the tide of the Long Island Sound.

The History of Estuary Lodge No. 43, like most CT lodges, begins a very long time ago, and encompasses (through moves and consolidations) the towns of Killingworth, Chester, Deep River, Essex, Old Saybrook, Lyme, and Old Lyme. Here is a record of those events:

  • In 1797, Trinity Lodge No. 43, Killingworth was formed. It moved to Chester in 1855, and then to Deep River in 1857.
  • In 1811, Mt. Olive Lodge No. 52, Old Saybrook was formed. It moved to Essex in 1855.
  • In 1974, Trinity Lodge No. 43 and Mt. Olive Lodge No. 52 were consolidated to form Trinity-Mt. Olive Lodge No. 43, Deep River.
  • In 1800, Pythagoras Lodge No. 45, Lyme was formed. It moved to Old Lyme in 1905.
  • In 1870, Meridian Sun No. 32 (to be known as Siloam Lodge No. 32), Old Saybrook was formed.
  • In 2005, Trinity-Mt. Olive Lodge No. 43, Pythagoras Lodge No. 45, and Siloam Lodge No. 32 were consolidated to form Estuary Lodge No. 43, Old Saybrook, which brings us to today.

More to come…