My Brothers!


As I write my first trestle board message, I reflect on the evolution of the lodge and the positive impact working through the officer’s line, as well as the study of masonry in general has had on my life. Within the lodge I have made many meaningful friendships through our events, traveling to other lodges, and joining appendant bodies. Despite the epidemic and member attrition, the members of the lodge have continued to provide sound mentorship, brotherly love, and great Masonic ritual work. I have never found myself in a situation where a brother was not willing to provide good counsel, a kind word, or help in all aspects of life.


I am excited to start off the year with a full line of excellent officers, candidates ready to take various degrees, maintaining our traditional lodge events, and plans to reinvigorate the lodge with masonic education. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day dinners. We are already working on plans for the annual summer picnic, the Octoberfest pizza truck, and more. Look out for upcoming emails and on our social media pages for further details on the coming events.


Additionally, we are looking to fill 3 officer’s seats if there are any willing brothers to step in; Marshal, Junior Steward, and Senior Steward. Please reach out to me or one of the officers if you would like to get involved.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve Washington 19 as Master for the upcoming year. I will do my best to continue to meet and exceed, the high standards that have been set forth by the great men who have served in this role before me.


Finally, I leave you with a quote from famous author, poet, and brother, Albert Pike:


“We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with others opposing convictions or competitive ideas and yet respect each other as Brothers.”



WB Steven Ackley