Good Tidings Brethren,

I hope you all have made new, lasting memories over the holiday season and the new year brings you nothing but blessings. I’d like to thank the brothers of Trumbull Lodge for their trust in me as Master for the ensuing year. I will do everything in my power to live up to your expectations. I’d also like to congratulate and thank Worshipful Brother Amos Brooks for an outstanding few years as Master. He has lead the lodge through a challenging post pandemic period and transformed it into an active thriving lodge.

As we exchange the calendar for another year, we must prepare for our labors to recommence. I am excited to see many new brothers join in under the tutelage and alongside Past Masters and long time brothers. We also have many interested men awaiting just outside the west gate. So, we will again be busy with degree work but I’d like to mix in other social, educational and charitable events. I will try my best to keep things interesting so check out the trestle board and don’t miss a moment this year!

That being said, the lodge is most interesting when all our involved and everything we do is reflective of the diverse group of brothers we have. If you have any ideas for a program or event this year (especially if you’re willing to coordinate it, nudge, nudge), I will be most willing to assist in bringing your plans to fruition. There is no limit to the greatness our lodge can achieve when we all work together.

Yours Fraternally,

Chad M. Killeen