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Worshipful Master’s 2nd Quarter Trestle Board April - June 2024


A Message from the East

Fraternal Greetings My Brother’s,


This year has started off with a bang. We held an Entered Apprentice Degree in January where we had five candidates become Brother’s. We also had a Blood Drive which saw a good number of donors. In February we had a very successful Valentine’s Dinner which was sold out. As always the Kitchen crew did a phenomenal job. We held a special Entered Apprentice Degree at our first meeting in March in which we had one candidate become a Brother. Our second meeting of the month is when three of our Brother’s and one Brother from Unity Lodge in New Britain received more light in Masonry and were moved up to the degree of Fellowcraft. Our Breakfast’s have been successful with us having at least one hundred guests at the last two. I look forward to what the rest of year has in store for us.



Brian Sprouse - Worshipful Master Sequin-Level Lodge #140


A Message from the West


Hello Brothers,

So far we have started the year off very well. We have initiated several new Entered Apprentices so far with 4 of them moving on to the Fellow Craft. At our last EA degree, one of the newest members, Jeffery Opong, was able to do his first lecture in open lodge and he did an amazing job. These brothers who were able to pass proficiency really shows the great work our pipeline has been doing and also shows our new members dedication in laboring with us. It also seems as though almost every meeting Lee Martin and Don Adams have been making huge strides with prospective candidates from Project Blue Wave. Our attendance continues to increase as well as many brothers from other lodges coming to visit and steps are being taken to bring back our Friendly Caller program. This gives our newest members a chance to talk to some of our older members to hear stories and learn about the lodge while some of the members have been with us get to catch up with brothers we haven’t seen in a while.

I look forward to seeing our numbers increase and hope we continue to have more members active within the lodge.


Sincerely, Kevin Rand

Senior Warden SL-140


A Message from the South


Brothers here it is turning to spring. I have a few things to bring up. First thank you to all that have been making reservations for our dinners, but I would like to see more even if you are a belly mason or officers. 2nd I would like to hear from anyone that would like to take part in the Master Masson degree coming up in the upcoming months. 3rd we always need help with the SBA 1st Sunday breakfast.4th hope to see you in lodge.


WB Bob Bailey – Sequin-Level Lodge 140 Junior Warden



(Stated Communications are conducted on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evening of the month. Dinner 6:30; Meeting 7:30)


April 2024

4 (Thursday)            6:30PM Stated Communications Dinner

        7:30PM Stated Communication-Masonic Jeopardy

7 (Sunday)               7:30-11:00AM SBA Breakfast Fundraiser

8 (Monday)              6:30 PM SBA Meeting

18 (Thursday)          6:30 PM Stated Communication Dinner

        7:30PM Stated Communication- 7+7=10

19 (Friday)               1:00PM- 11:00PM Garibaldi Degree

27 (Saturday)           12:00PM- 4:00PM Dart Tournament Friendship Lodge



May 2024

2  (Thursday)          6:30 PM Stated Communication Dinner

       7:30 PM Stated Communication – Awards Night

5 (Sunday)               7:30-11:00 AM SBA Breakfast Fundraiser 13 (Monday) 

                                 6:30 PM SBA Meeting/Officer’s Meeting 16 (Thursday)      

16 (Thursday)         6:30 PM Stated Communications Dinner

       7:30 PM Stated Communication- MM Degree Past Masters

19 (Sunday)            10:00AM - 1:00PM Brunch for Bears

25 (Saturday)          9:00AM - 3:00PM Memorial Day Parade


June 2024

2 (Sunday)             7:30-11:00 AM SBA Breakfast Fundraiser

6 (Thursday)         6:30 PM Stated Communication Dinner

     7:30 PM Stated Communication- Defense of the Ruffians

8 (Saturday)          9:00AM Grandmasters Day

10 (Monday)          6:30 PM SBA Meeting

21 (Thursday)        6:30 PM Stated Communication Dinner

      7:30 PM Stated Communication- Steak and Ale



Your 2024 Lodge Dues are now due! These dues are needed to pay the necessary expenses of your Lodge, including the Grand Lodge per capita assessment for each of our non-exempt Brothers. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay the entire amount, please text me, Worshipful Master Brian Sprouse ( 860-357-7782 or email: and I will make other suitable arrangements with you. To pay late without making suitable arrangements, or to not pay at all, puts a financial strain on the Lodge and is unfair to your Brothers. For this reason, unless satisfactory arrangements have been made, a late fee of $50 was added on 2024 dues not paid after March 31 st, and an additional $50 late fee was added on dues paid after June 30th 2024.

On the first Sunday of each month, from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM, treat yourself and your family to a full breakfast at a most inexpensive price. In addition to the usual fare of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and/or sausage, toast, juice, and coffee/tea, there is also a monthly breakfast special. Profits all support the maintenance and operation of our Lodge building, including the improvements in technology.  The success of these breakfasts also has that desirable side-effect of keeping our Lodge dues low. In addition, these breakfasts have been drawing townspeople to our Lodge, and that community exposure goes a long way toward shaping in the town a positive image of us Masons as upstanding men in the community.  The price for the monthly breakfast is $10 per adult and $5 per child, with a $25 maximum for a family of 2 adults and their minor children.

The Lodge Capital Campaign has kicked off with our Commemorative Paver Program. The Lodge will be installing custom engraved concrete pavers by the flagpole at the front of the Lodge to create a sitting area and stone garden.    Payment can be made by way of cash, check, credit/debit card, and PayPal. The Lodge is also offering a four month payment plan for those who wish to pay in installments. For questions or to place your order, please contact WB Larry S. Baker by email at or by phone at

For the most up-to-date information on up-coming events, to see the Lodge Calendar, to pay your annual dues or purchase dinner or event tickets, to pay for a commemorative paver, or to donate to your Lodge, please visit our Lodge website at:
Please also see the postings in your appropriate Facebook Group Page (EA, FC, or MM). On Facebook and not in one of our Facebook Groups? Just ask an Officer to be added.