Welcome to Quinta Essentia No. 500!

The brothers of Quinta Essentia Lodge No. 500 believe very strongly that the foremost purpose of Freemasonry is to provide an atmosphere where good men can unite together in a common pursuit of virtue in service to God. The work of a Traditional Observance Lodge is not to focus on the mechanics of the business meeting, but rather to create an atmosphere where the brothers can learn the lessons of Freemasonry and how they can be inculcated into their daily lives.

Quinta Essentia Lodge No. 500 practices Traditional Observance Masonry through a strict adherence to the practice of the Festive Board, a limited number of communications, a high standard of dress and a requirement for ritual excellence. In short, Quinta Essentia Lodge gives Freemasons the opportunity to partake in a ritual and sociability that they cannot find anywhere else.  Traditional Observance Lodges allow Brothers to move their minds from the mundane to the Fraternal, away from life's petty particulars to focus on its transcendent meaning.


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