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Freemasonry is the oldest fraternal organization in the world today. One of the first references to the order is found in the Regis Poem that dates to 1390. Literally millions of men throughout the centuries have chosen to "level themselves" with this fraternity, yet today Masonic membership is in a state of decline. One explanation is that Masonry is a morals based fraternity in an increasingly immoral society. This may or may not be true. Another possible reason is that the modern man is simply too busy to devote the time and energy necessary to gain membership in the order. Or it could be that too many men prefer to join and patronize other clubs that offer more secular rewards. Despite all of these reasons, to continue to survive, Freemasonry must attract men of good character to continue the traditions of seven centuries. Hence the title for this page.  

Masonry requires several things of its potential members. First and foremost, they must be of good moral character. The unofficial motto of the order is "to make good men better;" therefore, any candidate must be basically a good man. Secondly, members must be able to state a belief in a Supreme Being. Without a strong belief in God, moral lessons would be valueless. Finally, candidates must come to the order of "their own free will and accord," untettered by undue solicitation or expectations of financial reward. Therefore, the Masonic Order does not solicit members. To be a Mason, you must ask a Mason for a petition or express, to a Mason, a desire to join the order. Once this request it made, the necessary steps for membership can be initiated. Sadly, all that apply for membership are not accepted and some that are accepted do not complete the journey. The process of joining the fraternity involves time and effort. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but the rewards of a journey well traveled are well worth the effort.  All masons will be there to help and guide you along your journey to "Masonic Light."  In this manner, masonry binds men together by many common ties and strengthens the bonds of friendship and cooperation.

The Fraternity of Freemasons in North Carolina does much to support charities throughout the state.  There are three basic Masonic Charities.  The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford cares for children aged 2 - 21 throughout the state who need leadership and guidance.  The Masons provide the funds to maintain this home.  Whitestone in Greensboro provides a retirement home for the Masons and widows who need a long term home.  This home is supported by the Masons and the Order of the Eastern Star, an appendant body of the Masonic Order for both men and women.  A new care center has recently been added to care for those who need constant medical care.  The third Masonic Charity is the North Carolina Masonic Foundation.  This fund of money generates a perpetual income to be used by the Masonic Homes in the state.  This fund was created and continues to grow by bequests, contributions, and gifts.  The principal of this fund can never be used.

If this has peaked any interest, you should consider the NC GrandLodge Website as a starting place to learn about masonry. FreeMasonry Revealed will answer many of the questions you may have about Freemasonry and its history.  Another interesting source of Masonic information is the  About FreeMasonry.  If you wish to talk with a mason about the organization, names and phone numbers of the officers are listed on this site and the names of all members of Kenly Lodge are also listed.  Talk and advice are always free.  Hope to hear from you. 


Tom Jackson