The Master is the “Rule and Guide” of a Masonic Lodge and becoming Master of one’s Lodge is not only an important responsibility but an honor. The Brothers of the Lodge elect the Worshipful Master based on their confidence in his experience, wisdom and leadership skills.

Masters generally govern their lodges for one year. The men who have garnered the jewel of the square are in great company, as many famous Americans bore this title; George Washington and Harry S. Truman to name a few.

These are the men who proudly served their lodge as Worshipful Master and here we pay them the respect they so rightly deserve.

Smith, David S.- 2009
Passera, William D. -2008
Wentworth, Ronald N.- 2007
Wentworth, Ronald N.- 2006
Passera, William D.- 2005
Passera, William D -2004
Passera, William D.- 2003
Wentworth, Ronald N. -2002
Wentworth, Ronald N. -2001
Gibbs, Rev. Martin E.- 2000
Hill, Charles F.- 1999
Hull, Walter E. -1998
Wentworth, Ronald N.- 1997
Fox, Stuart W. -1996
Conklin, Vernon A. -1995
Morneault, Joseph N. -1994
Bruch, F. Robert -1993
Gulliford, Harold W.- 1992
Hartwick, Kenneth W.- 1991
Gendron, Robert G., Jr.- 1990
Passera, William D. -1989
Passera, William D. -1988
Lang, Edward, P. -1987
Ott, Norman C. -1986
Suiter, Carl F. -1985
Perkins, Keneth R.- 1984
Passera, William D. -1983
Hartwick, Kenneth W. -1982
Gendron, Robert G., Sr.- 1981
Dynes, Thomas R.- 1980
Mitchell, Neil G. -1979
Rowland, Joseph M., Jr. -1978
Hartwick, Kenneth W. -1977
Gulliford, Harold W. -1976
Pacileo, Stephen P.- 1975
Tuttle, Burton J., Jr.- 1974
Peckham, William R.- 1973
Premo, Charles G. -1972
McElwain, Melvin F., Jr.- 1971
Beringer, Ralph H. -1970
Hanson, Lloyd C., Jr. -1969