From the East - March 2022

We’re now into the second week of February, the days are getting longer. I saw my first sign of spring, lawnmowers for sale in the hardware store. The past two winters have been the hardest to endure that I can ever remember. Living with COVID the past two years has been difficult for everyone, especially in the winter. Mostly staying indoors, limiting contact with the public as much as possible. Always afraid you might become infected. There is so much anger in the world; turning on the evening news is no longer relaxing and informative.

It is times like this that I am proud to be a Mason. Whether I am at my Lodge, or visiting another Lodge, it is always the same. Brothers together all with a common goal of friendship and brotherly love, working for a common goal, improving mankind. With the coming of spring and warmer weather, I am hopeful that we can gather more freely and be able to enjoy life again.

In 1969 I turned 21 and was no longer active in DeMolay. I decided to join Orient Lodge where my father belonged. It was a whirlwind initiation, EA degree in September, Fellowcraft in October, and Master Mason in November. I was just starting to enjoy Masonry when in March 1970 I received my draft notice and that September I was in the Navy. When I returned home four years later so many things had changed. I was a member of the Glastonbury Auxiliary Police Ambulance on duty every five to six nights with a rotating schedule. It became difficult to be involved with the Lodge and I drifted away. Around 2015 my niece’s husband decided to become a Mason. My desire to see him become a Mason is what inspired me to become active again and I have never once regretted it. Within a few months of joining Friendship Tuscan Lodge I was asked to fill a vacant office and the fun hasn’t stopped. From cooking lodge night dinners, putting on the Pancake Festival, learning all the ritual work and helping with so many degrees, and all the great friends whom I’m proud to call Brothers who had faith in me to elect me Worshipful Master. All these great memories I will cherish forever.

The Grand Lodge of CT has moved our page to Grandview. I urge all brothers if you haven’t already done so to go to Grandview at and review and update your personal information. If you have not already signed up, I highly recommend you do. This is a great way for brothers to stay in contact and learn what is happening with your lodge.

This spring is a busy time for our Lodge. On March 3rd we are holding a Fellowcraft Degree and on May 21st a Master Mason Degree. It’s great to be active again.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the building committee, especially Brother John DiCioccio, for all the hours of work he has done to maintain and upgrade our building.

My best wishes for a healthy and fruitful year,

Best Regards,
Brad Young
Worshipful Master