January 1, 2018

Here we go, off to a New Year running. You should have all received your dues notices by now in the new format. I’d like to explain the new format just a bit. The first thing is that we have now broken out the Lodge dues from the grand lodge assessment. This gives us all a clear picture of where the money goes. Second is “The Masters Pass”. This allows you to pre pay for all the major events in the upcoming year in one shot with a discount for doing so.


Finally there is a line item for a voluntary contribution to the Ansantawae Foundation. The funds raised in this section, together with the funds raised in the mite box, allow us to make much needed improvements to the building. While the dues cover the regular maintenance of the building, utilities and property taxes, it does not cover any major improvements.

Over the last summer break, RW Bro David Eisenman renovated the downstairs ladies room almost entirely by himself. His efforts are outstanding. It’s now bright, clean and inviting. Because of his efforts, he saved the lodge thousands of dollars in labor costs. But, there is more work to be done, and to get that work done, we need your help. Some of these projects include renovating the upstairs restroom, restoring the dining hall ceiling, and fixing the siding on the outside of the building. Additionally, there is much needed electrical work to be done, the kitchen could use some help and the fire alarm system needs to be replaced.

So, how can you help? Well, the best way is to donate to the foundation. This will allow us to make these repairs and improvements with little impact to our financial state. Another way you can help is if you have a particular skill in one of these areas and can donate some time or materials to work on them.

This is our lodge and our lodge building. We are all responsible for its upkeep.

Finally, as we start a new year with our new officers and in our new positions, I ask you to remember that we are all here …to improve myself in masonry… None of us is perfect, we strive to be, but as much as we do, sometimes we stumble. Have a little patience with us as we get acclimated in our new roles for this year.

Mark Wasserman
Worshipful Master