If you would like to pay your dues online please visit the following sites: 

If you are already registered on Grandview:     https://nc.grandview.systems/users/sign_in

If you are not registered on Grandview:             https://nc.grandview.systems/membership_registration   

Please register for Grandview. This is the application used now here in the Jurisdiction of North Carolina for all members related information. Here you can pay dues, manage your personal and contact data, and recieve information and notices from Grand Lodge and from your local lodge

The Square-powered dues payment option is still available for those who still need to use that option and can be found: https://square.link/u/H4GQX6rs

Please be aware that the Square-powered online portal carries transaction fees so the charge for your annual dues is several dollars higher to account for those fees. These fees are not charged when you process your payment through the Grand Lodge at the Grandview site.