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On months with 5 Fridays, the Lodge cordially invites you to bring a dish and join us for a potluck supper at 6:30 PM. You can contact the Worshipful Master, William Palmer for further information.

From The West

George Steinbrenner, a former owner of the NY Yankees, loved to look out over a sold-out stadium and say “It’s all about putting fannies in the seats.”

One of the many pleasures I take when sitting in Lodge is looking out and seeing the faces of Brothers I haven’t seen in a while and guest who have traveled a significant distance to join us. A full house, or near to it, makes a meeting far more special for me, only one reason being the common ground that brought us here.

As I look at the old photos of our Past Masters and scan the archives of meetings, parties, and Masonic celebrations of 100 to 150 years ago, and marvel at the numbers of Brothers that turned out on frigid, snowy nights, arriving in horse-drawn carriages, I appreciate their dedication to the Craft and their belief that they would come away enriched in many ways. In our rise through our degrees, we learn that a large part of our Masonic work is to give. But, by coming to Lodge, we also receive gifts; things we take away that make our live more full.


As men, we have all learned, at some point or another, that we have to get up and go to work whether we feel like it or not. As Masons, we all have cabletows of different lengths; jobs, families, and obligations hold each of us all day, every day. But the obligations that bind are also ones that often give back the most. The Brothers that come to Lodge often are the ones who leave with the gift good fellowship bestows.


On those nights, after a long day, when a decision of whether to get dressed and come to Lodge has to be made, remember two things: there will be people there who are glad to see you, and you’ll go home with a renewal of the gifts only Masonry can give.

Doug Richardson, Senior Warden

From the South

Sitting in the South under the painting of the Brother for whom our Lodge is named, Brother and General Richard Montgomery, is a distinct honor. Here are some other places that were named after the good General and Brother: Montgomery, Alabama, Montgomery, Vermont, and Montgomery, Minnesota. There is also a Montgomery township in New Jersey and towns named Montgomery in New York and Massachusetts. Many counties are also named after him: in North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New York. Richard Montgomery high school in Rockville, Maryland also honors his name, along with many memorials and statues in Philadelphia. General Montgomery fought and died for the freedom of this country but never got to see the beauty she became.

It’s an honor, Brothers, to sit under the painting of this great man for whom our Lodge is named.

Kevin Macchi, Junior Warden

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