Masters Message – Spring 2016

You have entrusted me to lead our lodge for the next year, and let me be the first to say that is nothing I take lightly. I promise I will make our lodge a priority and I hope you make it the same priority as I make it.
I have listened to everyone when they have said they would like for us to do more community and social programs, and let me be the first to say, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us next year. I have outlined a set of community and social programs for us to do each month, which are fun and easy for us to accomplish. I am fully aware of the obligations we took when we became Freemasons, and I would never ask for us to do something if it interfered with work and family. However, please remember that 24 inch gauge we are taught which allows us 8 hours for our lodge and fellow Brothers.
This should be a place that is fun for us to gather to, a place where we love each other’s company. A place that continues to make good men better by working hard for our community, and giving back to them. So, it is time we roll up our sleeves and labor together to make our lodge a great place where good and moral candidates flock to seek admission into our fraternity. Let’s remember that it is only if we all work together, and live by the square and compass, that we can make good men better.

Chris Martinelli
Worshipful Master
Liberty-Continental Lodge #76