Welcome to Liberty-Continental No. 76!

Brothers All,

We had a great year thanks to everyone’s hard work and efforts. This lodge has shown that despite being smaller than other lodge’s that we are mighty and can do what other lodges with greater numbers have not done. This lodge has begun doing great things for the Waterbury community and has made a very good name and reputation for ourselves with a lot of City of Waterbury officials and dignitaries. However, this is just the beginning and our work is not done yet. I have highlighted plenty of community activities for us this quarter that should be easy to accomplish. The next aspect of Freemasonry this lodge needs to focus on is ritual work. I am making myself available every off Monday night to rehearse ritual work and practice for our upcoming Degrees. If you are not an officer I strongly encourage you to come and join us so we can all learn from each other. The rehearsals will be MANDATORY for ALL OFFICERS. I am aware people are busy with work and family but we need to remember the 24 inch gauge from our EA Degree where we made a promise to devote 8 hours to the lodge and a worthy, distressed Brother. I am hoping we can all come together and work as one to help make this happen. Thank you.

Chris Martinelli
Worshipful Master Liberty-Continental Lodge #76

“Leave A Mark, Not A Stain”

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