Rental Policies for Eagle Lodge #19’s Masonic Hall

The historic Masonic Hall building, located at 142 W. King St, downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina, is available for a range of events including wedding receptions, baby showers, meetings, readings, concerts, lectures, and more. Attendees of events at the Hall are strictly prohibited from using tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs while in the building or on its grounds. Rentals are for use of downstairs rooms and upstairs restroom only. The Lodge Room and adjoining Preparation Room are not available for non-Masonic events. Included in space rental is use of refrigerators, stove and other kitchen utilities and utensils, fully stocked restrooms, tables and chairs. 

Cost of use is $100 per hour with a two-hour minimum rental. Rental period begins at the agreed upon meeting time when a member of Eagle Lodge #19 unlocks the building for the temporary tenant. Rental period will likewise end once all items have been removed and an Eagle member completes a brief checklist of rules for the building with the renter and subsequently locks up.

Private non-Masonic events hosted at the building by Masons or Masonic-affiliated individuals are eligible for a flat-rate $100 per day fee.

Public events hosted by nonprofits and community groups are eligible for a $0 rental if Eagle Lodge #19 is listed on marketing materials as a sponsor or co-host of the event.

Checklist for Renters: all kitchen and trash bagged and placed in outside bins, all rooms used for event have been swept, dishes used have been washed, and surfaces wiped down.

For internal use: All rental fees will be deposited into the Historic Eagle Lodge Foundation account and contribute to the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the building.

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