The year seems to be progressing right along. First of all, I would like to say it is an honor for me to be your Worshipful Master this year. I want to thank you my Brothers of Daytime Lodge No.144 for your confidence in me.
By our March stated communication all of the officers of the Lodge will have received from me a job description of the particular office that you were elected or appointed to. Please read and familiarize yourselves with it. As an officer of the Lodge, you have taken on additional responsibilities beyond your obligations. We meet on the second Monday morning of each month. I realize that for those who work it is difficult to attend our meetings. I only ask you as a Lodge officer that if you can’t make the meeting, please let Jack or me know before we have the meeting.
The principal officers of the Lodge have put together a calendar of events through June. I call you attention to four programs in particular. Mar. 18th we will be at the Scottish Rite Theatre to watch the FC Deg. Team put on the FC degree. On April 3rd we will be attending the grand Lodge Annual Meeting. Finally on Friday May 5th we are traveling to the Grand Lodge of New York to watch the Garibaldi Lodge put on the Garibaldi EA deg. Finally in June we will have the opportunity to see the SR MM Deg. Team portray the MM Deg.
We have the opportunity to raise a number of MM this year. Along the way we will enjoy each other as brothers, receive more light as we travel along, learn some ritual, have some fun and become a better Lodge.

Gary Shepard        Worshipful Master