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Committee for Masonic Education

Brothers, on January 29th 2022 at 8:30am the Committee for Masonic Education will be hosting our Ritual and Customs Bootcamp. This is an opportunity for you to sharpen up your ritual skills and floorwork to make you look highly proficient in the craft and provide your candidates with the most meaningful ritual experience that you can. It will be held at Village Lodge No. 29 located at 123 River Road in Collinsville, CT. You do not have to pre-register to come. The doors will open for coffee and donuts at 8:00am and we will start promptly at 8:30am. Our agenda for the day will be:

  1. Welcome Remarks and the Agenda for the day
  2. Opening and closing lodge - how to keep it sharp
  3. Receiving Dignitaries and Guests: Demystifying the process
  4. Moving about: Ease and Refreshment
  5. The Lodge at Labor - Customs that make lodge move along efficiently in a Masonic Manner
  6. Candidate Preparation - What to remember and how to make it comfortable while entirely traditional
  7. The EA Degree - We look at the EA degree in detail and how you can best conduct the candidate to make a great experience for them
  8. FC Degree Differences - What is new and how can you deliver a great middle chamber lecture
  9. MM 1st Half - What is unique and different

There are many other parts to our ritual that we may explore at a later date, but these are the ones that most newer officers and masons are confronted with. PLEASE BRING YOUR BLUE RITUAL BOOK! This is an open book seminar. You do not have to know any memorized ritual to come and learn more about our craft. You must be a Master Mason, but that is the only requirement. 

Questions may be directed to nickives@ctfreemasons.net



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