Fellowship night  on 11/03/2023

Hi Brother

Our Worshipful Master Gene has planned a night of fellowship for November 18.    We are planing to do chili beans and singing that night.    We are asking for donations for the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford.     Supper will start at 6:00.    I hope to see you there.




Register for Grand View Masonic System  on 06/28/2023

Hi Brother,

The Grand Lodge of North Carolina has switched to a new system the keep track of the lodges and members.   This new system allows you to see all your information just by signing up with Grand View.    This does not make your information public.  Only the Secretary and Treasurer of the lodge ( plus the Grand Lodge ) will see your info.

If you would, please go and register and make sure all your information is correct.    https://nc.grandview.systems/membership_registration

This will open up a ton of information for you about your lodge.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any assistance.


Kirby Matthews

Lodge Trip to Caraway Speedway  on 06/25/2023

All lodge brothers are invited to come join in a trip to Caraway Speedway on Saturday July 1.   We are meeting at the lodge at 6PM and traveling to Caraway for the green flag at 7PM.    Family and Friends are welcome.   Come join your brothers for a night of fun.

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