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Asheboro Lodge was formed by members of Balfour Lodge 188 AF&AM. Asheboro Lodge 699 was chartered April 21, 1954. Keith Grimes Hodgin was the first Master, Joseph Russell Suggs, Senior Warden and Vance Moody Welborn, Junior Warden.MW Brother Robert L. Pugh was Grand Master. The following were Charter Members. Joseph Tyler Allen, Harry Edgar Barlow, James Bryan Barrett, James Carlton Bennett, Ronald Errington Biddle, Bernard Ottway Burton, John James Croft, Jr., John Proctor Davis, William Summer Farlow, Raeford Leon Gaddis, Willie Lloyd Garner, Walter Rhea Grimsley, Richard Byrd Harris, Luther Bill Herlocker, Keith Grimes Hodgin, Herbert Delno “Pete” Holland, Robert Lee Jones, William Edward Kirby, James Branson Kivett, George Herman Long, Sr., Adam Karl Miller, Grady Obert Moffitt, Hallie Craven Reaves, Alex Samet, Marvin Lee Shands, Elvin Lee Shaw, Thornwell Blane “TB” Staley, Joseph Russell Suggs, Alfred Underwood, Jr., Alton Payne Wall, Hebert Ashley “Dick” Weeks, Vance Moody Welborn, Edgar Earl Welch, Harold Bagley Willis, Jr., Robert Vander Wilson and John Barney Wood.


They originally held their meetings in the Balfour Temple on Sunset Ave. Eventually, Brother Jerry Rowe said he had an old Building back in behind the Sunset Theater that the lodge was welcome to use. The lodge was very grateful and accepted Brother Rowe’s offer. Although they were grateful for their lodging, the condition of the building was far from great. The roof leaked so bad that they had to put out pans to catch the leaks.The ceilings were so low that a deacon, when giving 3 raps on the floor, got his staff stuck in the ceiling. Although very grateful to have a place to meet, the lodge decided that they would start looking for a building that could be more suitable. WB Kirby Threadgill who was a real estate broker along with WB Paul Smith, WB Willard Cox, WB James Walton, WB Freeman Miller and others began the search for a building for Asheboro 699 to occupy. WB Paul used to run Commercial Credit in the very building we now own. Brother Paul told the others that building was vacant and they should talk to Brother John James Croft, Jr. Brother Croft was the Engineer who designed that building. He also knew who owned the property, a Mr. Francis White who lived in the Charlotte area. The group got together and traveled to Charlotte and met with Mr. White, who turned out to be Brother White. They told him of their plight to find a proper home for Asheboro Lodge #699 AF&AM.


After many meetings, both lodge meetings and private meetings, seven brethren said they would each put up $5,000.00 so that we could go ahead and buy the property before we lost this amazing opportunity. The Seven members who put up the money to purchase the property were WB Willard Cox, WB Freeman Miller, WB Paul Smith, WB Kirby Threadgill, Brother Clarence McGill, Brother Ed Vick, and Brother Robert Yow. The Lodge agreed to pay them 12 percent interest on their money and to have it paid off by 1990. The Lodge setup a meal and meeting at a steak house which no longer exists in Asheboro to launch a Pledge Program so we could pay off our debt. Each member was asked to pledge $250.00 for this purpose. WB Gary Fields was Master in 1988 and with the help of all brethren and most especially WB Paul we were able to pay off our loan, two years earlier than required.


The building was usable but still looked pretty rough. We were pretty broke in 1984 when the building was purchased. Members of the lodge would have work days or work nights to be more accurate to try to convert to this cluster of little offices upstairs into a lodge. Some were descent carpenters and some weren’t even close. WB Kirby Threadgill and the other Trustees suggested that we should have the down stairs professionally remodeled and find a tenant t to rent it. Federal Home Administration was the first to rent it. They stayed there for almost five years. After they moved out W.B. Kirby went back to work and found Terminix. We did another remodel downstairs and Terminix moved in 1989. They were tenants until April 2022. We are truly blessed that our early leaders had the wisdom to use our 1st floor for rental income.


1989 was the year that WB Wayne Morton was elected Master. Fixing up the Lodge Hall was going to be his goal. Brother Lonnie Luck was a work force in himself in fact he had a heart attack while moving tile up the stairs for the lodge room floor. Brother Bob Slade did the flooring including the lodge checkered floor. WB Wayne had a lot of support and help in 1989 and we accomplished much. W. B. Hal Worth “Pee Wee” Hodgin was the Master in 1990. His goal was to buy new lodge furniture. He furnished the Warden’s and the Master’s with new chairs and pedestals.


This by no means is the end of the story because there are many more of how Asheboro Lodge 699 AF&AM became the Great Lodge that it is today. We have had many wonderful Masters but no repeat Masters; they have guided our beloved Lodge to higher thoughts and greater achievements. WB Wayne Morton prepared this history so that our members and officers will never lose pride for our lodge. From the high standards that we set for our Ritualistic Work to the picture each of us projects to every other member of our lodge, to the members of other lodges and to the public. He just wanted to keep our members and future members informed as to Whence We Came. He also wanted them never to forget how truly blessed we are and to remind them that it is their responsibility to maintain these high standards until time shall be no more.

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