Welcome to Alpine Tilden Tenakill Lodge No. 77!

Dear Brethren, family members, and visitors of the Lodge!

Welcome to our treasured Alpine Tilden Tenakill Lodge #77 of Free and Accepted Masons, a beacon of fraternity and service since its foundation in 1867. Over the years, we've prided ourselves not only on the timeless virtues that define Masonry — brotherly love, relief, and truth — but also on a unique tradition of our own: "Luv." This unique blend of love and understanding is the hallmark of ATT77, reflecting our identity, warmth, and deep appreciation for the intricate tapestry of lives we share and support.

In the spirit of our founding brothers and the principles that guide us, we've committed ourselves to being a pillar in our community. From annual ARC Walks to hosted by us, a school for the young and talented, our Lodge is more than a meeting place; it's a hub of positive impact, transforming our shared values into actions that benefit those around us.

We cordially invite our Brethren, their families, and all good-natured fellas looking for a community that cherishes deep connections, personal growth, and active philanthropy. Join us every second and fourth Thursday of the month for evenings filled with friendship, laughter, and the meaningful pursuit of our Masonic ideals.

Don't miss our upcoming events, which are the perfect opportunity to experience the warmth and brotherhood of ATT77 firsthand.

For more information about our Lodge, our activities, or how to join us, please visit www.att77.org or lodgelocateor.com/apline-tilden-tenakill-77 at your convenience. Whether you're a long-standing Mason or simply curious about what we do, we're eager to welcome you and share the unique spirit of "Luv" that defines our Lodge.


Theodore 'Ted' Charalambous

Worshipful Master, Alpine Tilden Tenakill Lodge #77

Upcoming Events