Acacia Lodge No. 20!



Our Masonic journey is fueled by the spirit of fellowship and brotherhood, and your active involvement in Lodge activities truly strengthens our Masonic family. Let's keep upholding the principles of our craft and supporting each other on this shared journey.

Here's to a month filled with compassion, understanding, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let's stand united, drawing strength from our shared faith and the love that unites us as brethren.



My brother,

Exciting times ahead for Acacia Lodge! On Feb 7th, we've got an important vote that will shape the future of our lodge. Your presence at the meeting is crucial, so mark your calendars. ***An error was observed in my letter dated January 17, 2024.  I incorrectly referred to Brian Bergen as the County Commander of the American Legion Morris County. I would like to clarify that his current title is County Vice Commander. All other information provided in the letter remains unchanged. ***

Also, don't miss out on Feb 21st when we'll be conferring a Fellow Craft Degree. Our officers are working hard, and we invite you to be part of our Enter Apprentices’ masonic journey as they receive further light in masonry.

Big congrats to WB Daniel Vitiello on being appointed the 11 District Ambassador for the 2024 Masonic Year! Thanks for taking on the role – I have no doubt you'll do an excellent job!

Exciting news from our District Education Officer, WB Dave Van Pelt – he's rolled out a brand-new Masonic Education Database website for us to explore. Check it out at

Cheers to our dedicated brethren making great things happen!


Raymond Rodriguez

Worshipful Master



My brother,

The mission of our Worshipful Master for our lodge this year is Unity. That being said, I believe that if we all take a minute to rethink the way we think, pause before answering, asking, or acting, that we might realize that our own train of thought may not be how others function.

There is generally more than one way to arrive at a solution to most challenges and while we are conditioned to believe we have the right answer, it doesn’t mean it can’t be approached from a different angle. For example, 5+5=10 but so does 6+4; so if you pause before thinking that 5+5 is the answer and listen to all parties involved you may arrive in unity at the appropriate answer!


Michael S. Rogan

Senior Warden



My Brother,

I look forward to a year of prosperity and fellowship amongst our brethren. We plan to organize more opportunities to enjoy our brotherhood. With that in mind please consider joining or donating to our upcoming polar bear plunge scheduled for Feb. 24th that will benefit the Special Olympics.


Peter A. Susberich

Junior Warden

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