A word from our Senior Warden…

Fraternal Greetings from the West my Brethren!

As the sun transitions to the West for the close of the day, so the 2022 calendar year draws to a close.  It has been an active year for Sequin-Level, filled with promise, and the
chance to hone our craft in the quarries, and journey along that Level of time together, where the record of our life and conduct reflects our quest to improve ourselves, and
exercise the tenets of Masonry.

As we head toward the holiday season, I encourage you to come to Lodge whenever possible.  The benefits of Masonry are obtained through your labor in the quarry of Masonry.  Being around many of you this past year has provided me the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons and deepened my understanding of what I hold dear to me.

Upon my first introduction into the Lodge, I was informed that Masonry is an experiential knowledge.  The benefit you get is equal to the work that you put in.  Paying dues timely
and consistently is always appreciated, but that will only get you a dues card.  If you desire more out of Masonry, pick up your tools, and come join us in the quarry.

I hope to see you upstairs in the coming quarter.  We have many great opportunities for Brotherly Love and Relief as we finish 2022, and continue to build the pillar of our strength within the community.  If I don’t get the chance to see you this year, I sincerely hope to see you in the next.  And that’s the Truth.


Brother Chris Woodward, Senior Warden