Junior Warden's Message From The South

Fraternal Greetings Brothers,

We are through the summer heat and as the seasons change, and the temperature gets colder, I look forward to sharing a warm lodge and delicious dinner with my Brothers.

To make sure that no Brother is unable to eat with us, it is extremely important to continue to make reservations by the Tuesday before a Stated Communication, to allow the kitchen crew to be able to provide for all.

If you are attending our Stated Communication dinner, please ensure your reservations are made by the Tuesday before the communication at kevin_rand@ymail.com.

It is also a reminder that there are many who are unable to share in the blessings that we enjoy.

As the holidays approach, and the lodge seeks to help our neighbors and our community, remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Come to Lodge or our events. Give not only of your charity, but your time, and your Fellowship. We are all Brothers, and I look forward to seeing you.


Brother Kevin Rand

Junior Warden 2023