A word from our Worshipful Master…

The Third quarter of the year 2022, our Lodge was very busy.  On July 16, 2022 after the fireworks at the Newington Extravaganza, the public was treated to an Ice Cream Social at Sequin-Level 140.  On July 23, 2022 our annual Steak, Bourbon, Scotch & Stogie commenced and was a very successful and well-attended event.  Our SBA Breakfasts were well
attended during this Summer and were a great meeting place for Brothers and their families to socialize, discuss events and spread Brotherly Love.

On Thursday September 1, 2022, our Junior Warden, Brian Sprouse presided as Master over a splendid Entered Apprentice Degree.  Mr. David Maroun Zoghbi and Mr. Emanuel Demos Harris were initiated into our craft and Sequin-Level Lodge #140.  The Degree was held at Wyllys St John Lodge in West Hartford due to the air conditioning not functioning at Sequin-Level.

On Saturday September 10, 2022, our Lodge Picnic was attended by over 60 Brothers, family members and friends.  Live music was provided by Brother John DeSouza’s band “The Roadrunners.”  A fine menu, including seafood and many other delicious entrees were prepared from Sequin-Level’s fine chefs.  Many Brothers attended that we have not seen since before the Covid-19 pandemic!

Our Senior Warden will be presiding as Master for a Fellowcraft Degree on Thursday October 20, 2022.  Furthermore, our lodge will be assisting Friendship 33 in Southington with their Master Mason Degree on Sunday November 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM.

Lastly, our Junior Warden, SBA and Craftsman Club need your help and support.  Whether it is setting up and serving a meal, setup/teardown of a tent, or being a Chairman of a Craftsman Club event, VOLUNTEER!  “Many Hands Make Light Work.”

With your help, Sequin-Level Lodge will continue to be ... “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!”

From my family to yours, I wish you a safe, healthy, and fun Holiday Season 2022!

- WB Jon D. Faasen, Worshipful Master