From the East

Fraternal Greetings Brethren!

I am honored to be elected Worshipful Master of Sequin-Level Lodge # 140 for the ensuing 2023 Calendar Year, and wish to congratulate WB Jon Faasen on an excellent 2022! First, a little housekeeping…. Sequin-Level Lodge member dues for 2023 are due and payable now in the amount of $170.00. These dues are necessary to run our programs and to pay for building operations. The $170.00 amount also includes the per capita assessment payable to the Grand Lodge, which assures your standing as an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason of the State of Connecticut. This money will be spent throughout the 2023 calendar year. Dues should be paid timely upon the receipt of this notice – not later than March 31st 2023. Pay your dues online @ The importance of timeliness of paying dues and making dinner reservations cannot be understated, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts to help support Sequin-Level Lodge #140 in ensuring that the door continues to be opened to those that knock, and we continue to provide a place for our Brothers to dwell in unity. My Brothers, it’s no secret that Freemasonry has seen a decline in attendance in recent years as an organization, and not just our Lodge. It’s a problem made worse by the COVID-19 epidemic. Despite the uncertainty and through the restrictions and precautions, we kept our doors open. Many organizations like ours face similar challenges and obstacles. There is great value in Masonry. But we have to be able to communicate that value in exciting, engaging ways. Uphold the value and traditions of the past, but be relevant to so that tomorrow’s Mason discovers that answers can still be found. To do that, we need to have the flexibility to be able learn, adapt, grow, and change. Many of the changes you find this year are aimed at improving our Lodge, or trying to discover exciting new ways to engage Brothers and get involved. My Brothers, you are the program this year. Masonry is not a building, it’s the Masons inside of it. It is you. There will be family programs and events, and family dinners. Many of us have to weigh the time spent with family and the time spent at Lodge. I hope to have opportunities to allow us to do both. Also in 2023, we will be celebrating our 75th anniversary. In order to better appreciate that milestone, we will take time to celebrate the Masons that have come before us, and rejoice in each other’s company. My hope is that we learn more about our history, leading to a celebratory Table Lodge where we rejoice in Masonic Light and Brotherly Love. I’d like these programs to be as interactive as possible. Engage, shape the conversation, and help steer the course of our Lodge for future generations. Your voice and participation is needed for that to be successful, and I anticipate many good conversations and ideas regarding how best to position our Lodge for success now and in the future. Please enjoy your time and travel safely, and have a safe and happy Holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Fraternally, Brother Chris Woodward