A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena


October 2022


Welcome back to the fall semester. We have a lot of big activities and events coming up. Please look below for all the dates and events. I hope you will be able to make it to at least a few of the events. We're also looking for participants for the Pumpkin Festival, which is on October 22nd. We’re going to need help with setting up and decorating the lodge on Friday October 21st. Along with the food prep for the apple fritters. Please use the sign up link below. 
As some brothers may be aware, Brother Raul Tovar is moving back to Texas to be with his family, and Brother Patrick Kilby has set up a fight night at the lodge on October 29th - The fight night is going to be the last event that Brother Raul will be able to attend before moving back to Texas. I would like to have as many brothers attend to have fellowship with Brother Raul. (I think Brother Raul would really appreciate it.) Please see the flyer below for details.

I extend the condolences of all the brothers of Frederick Franklin Lodge to RWB Mark Parasiliti and family, on the passing of his mother. Your Brothers understand the void it creates and we are here for you and your family.

Jude Medena 

Worshipful Master


Brothers, please join me in welcoming Brother Anthony (Tony) Morrone, our newly initiated Entered Apprentice. Brother Tony will be making “wellness checks” as part of his “proficiency”. Please extend your brotherly love and friendship when he calls.
Congratulations to Brother Andy Bronson, sitting in as Master for our inspection and Degree.  Andy and all the officers presented an excellent degree.

The Worshipful Master acknowledges the brothers raised in September

George Golnik        69 Years
Henry    Syphers    54 Years
Chet  Russell         30 Years
Andrew Baxter       18 Years
Cristhian  Astudillo  12 Years
Michael Michaud   12 Years

I want to share this thank you note we received from Amanda Cyr for the scholarship check she was awarded. You have a bright future ahead!


Brothers Dan Dabrowski and Ed Lorenson  knew this was a "Nauga"

The Nauga, a colorful, horned, happy-looking creature native to the island of Sumatra, was once hunted to near-extinction. They were hunted for sport, but more often for their smooth and durable leather-like hide – Naugahyde, as it's generally known.

Ed Lorenson wrote::

Naugatuck rubber made a furniture covering called “Naugahyde “ This was very popular and someone in the factory made this toy as a joke and it became very popular.
In fact one of my nieces lost hers and she now has ours which she has used it as a toy for her children

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Nauga is a fictional creature. Naugahyde is a synthetic leather replacement, trademarked in 1936, while the Nauga was born of a late 1960s advertising campaign, according to Barbara Mikkelson writing for Snopes. The cutesy Nauga advertisements and cuddly Nauga dolls (now very collectible) were intended to soothe “customers’ unfamiliarity with what might otherwise have been perceived as a distinctly synthetic (and thus at the time a slightly threatening) product,” Mikkelson writes. Even Garfield creator Jim Davis got in on the joke in June 1981, when the coffee-loving cat demanded of his owner Jon “Do you know how many Naugas they killed to make this leash?”

While the Nauga is the first and best-known of the cryptozoological creatures who furnish synthetic textiles to the masses, it’s far from the only one.


What is it?

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Fight Night Reservations     

September  Fellowship Breakfast
Too caught up with visiting and neglected to take a picture but want to acknowledge the brothers that attended -
Jay Bostwick, Wayne Adams, Fred Rosenbaum, Bill Calder, Chet Russell, Brian and Karen Beals, Charley Rowland, Collin Kempi

Fall Schedule / Lodge Calendar


October 11th   Business Meeting

October 22nd  Pumpkin Festival   Haunted House and Fritter booth
                                             Sign up here

October 25th  To Be Announced

October 29th   PPV  Fight Night at the lodge                                                                                      

                              Fight Night Reservations   

Nov 8th  Step Up night & FC Degree  
Brother Dan Levine in the East and 3 brothers taking their second step in Masonry

Nov 5th  Secretary’s Seminar
          8:30 am in the Hartog Auditorium at Ashlar Village.

Nov 22nd       Table Lodge        Reservations

Dec13th          Program To Be Announced

Dec 17th   MM Degree by Past Masters
10:30 am  start, lunch break, 1 pm The Builders Lodge, and full form Tragedy for 4 brothers

Dec 27th  Holiday Fellowship 


What do you want to see in the monthly? 


2022 Officers

Worshipful Master      Judemayer Medena         medena.judemayer@gmail.com   203-803-7426   
Senior Warden           Daniel Levine                  DML5092@gmail.com                 860 919-9708   
Junior Warden            Andrew Bronson            abronson86@gmail.com               315-717-9040   
Treasurer                  Frank Dlugoleski             fdlugoleski@gmail.com                860-518-7410   
Secretary                  Chet Russell                 secretary14@gmail.com              860 221-5241    
Senior Deacon           Michael Kelley               makmagic@gmail.com              860-944-6786     
Junior Deacon           Fred Rosenbaum           fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com       860-543-9676     
Chaplain                 G. Randal Hornaday        hornadayr@msn.com                  860 508-0361     
Senior Steward         Patrick  Kilby                patrick.m.kilby@gmail.com           860-966-3873    
Tiler                       Thomas Garcia Sr           laylagarcia@yahoo.com                860 302-0216    
Marshal                 Jeff  Rowland                   jeffrowland13@att.net                   860 938-1458     
Almoner                Bruce Brightman              WL7Bruce@yahoo.com               860-416-0549     
Historian                Ed Lawson Jr                  edosan7@yahoo.com                  860 7961439      



Brian  Beals                     brian.e.beals@gmail.com             860) 620-4102 
Brian  Kirk                        blokrocbet@comcast.net             860  919-9462  
William Seery                   det37k9@gmail.com                   914 469-9196   



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