A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena


November 2022

Fall is in the air, The pumpkin Fest and Haunted House were a great success.  We sold over 2000 fritters and there were over 400 visitors to the Haunted House.  This is a fantastic community event and great opportunity to put Masonry in the public eye.  
I want to thank each and every one that put in the time and effort to make it work.   Besides being a good time, seeing the brothers all working together is what Masonry is about   keep up the good work.

The Holidays are fast approaching and we have our labors in front of us but let's not forget the people  who can use a little help.  Helping someone, no matter how small, will put a smile on their face and will make you feel better.


Jude Medena 

Worshipful Master


Brother Mike Kelley's Pumpkin carving skills

This year's Pumpkin Fest Haunted House was a frightening success!
With the help of friends, family, DeMolay and Brothers, we managed to entertain over 400 guests We had a great time surprising and scaring our guests,! Warming their bellies before, and after, with fresh delicious apple fritters,
As always, Frederick Franklin Lodge came together for the community and is already planning for an even better show next year!

Mike Kelley
Senior Deacon
A big THANK YOU to WB Sly Manente was the evil master mind behind all of it

Brother Dan was our "greeter" to the Haunted House

Fritter tent and the Haunted house line a 4 pm

The Worshipful Master congratulates the brothers raised in November for their Years of Service
Jeffrey Adams   34 yrs  
Wayne Adams   28 yrs  
Ronald Baker   61 yrs  
James Barber   51 yrs  
Raymond Cobb   50 yrs  
Daniel Dabrowski 4 yrs  
Frank Dlugoleski 21 yrs  
Thomas Garcia Jr 23 yrs  
Thomas Garcia Sr 23 yrs  
John Gladysz Jr 24 yrs  
Daniel Hurley   41 yrs  
Justin Jiantonio   13 yrs  
Craig Jones   31 yrs  
Paul Kelaita   28 yrs  
Collin Kempi   27 yrs  
Gerald Lagace   46 yrs  
Richard Lubben   42 yrs  
Silvestro Manente Jr 14 yrs  
Richard Paradise   31 yrs  
Keath Romano   15 yrs  
Steven Roys   45 yrs  
Neal Thomas   11 yrs  
William Weitzke   37 yrs  
Alan Zaniewski 8 yrs  

October Fellowship Breakfast
Three brothers Jay Bostwick, Chet Russell, Collin Kempi enjoyed our monthly breakfast
Lets get a good turnout for November 19th

Fall Schedule / Lodge Calendar

Nov   1st   FC Rehearsal   @ 6;30 pm   Officers should be present

Nov   5th  Secretary’s Seminar
          8:30 am in the Hartog Auditorium at Ashlar Village.

Nov   8th  Step Up night & FC Degree  

Brother Dan Levine in the East and 2 brothers taking their second step in Masonry

Nov   22nd       Table Lodge   All officers should be in proper stations   Reservations 

Dec  13th          Program To Be Announced

Dec 17th   MM Degree by Past Masters
10:30 am  start, lunch break, 1 pm The Builders Lodge, and full form Tragedy for 4 brothers

Dec 27th  Holiday Fellowship 


What do you want to see in the monthly? 


2022 Officers

Worshipful Master      Judemayer Medena         medena.judemayer@gmail.com   203-803-7426   
Senior Warden           Daniel Levine                  DML5092@gmail.com                 860 919-9708   
Junior Warden            Andrew Bronson            abronson86@gmail.com               315-717-9040   
Treasurer                  Frank Dlugoleski             fdlugoleski@gmail.com                860-518-7410   
Secretary                  Chet Russell                 secretary14@gmail.com              860 221-5241    
Senior Deacon           Michael Kelley               makmagic@gmail.com              860-944-6786     
Junior Deacon           Fred Rosenbaum           fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com       860-543-9676     
Chaplain                 G. Randal Hornaday        hornadayr@msn.com                  860 508-0361     
Senior Steward         Patrick  Kilby                patrick.m.kilby@gmail.com           860-966-3873    
Tiler                       Thomas Garcia Sr           laylagarcia@yahoo.com                860 302-0216    
Marshal                 Jeff  Rowland                   jeffrowland13@att.net                   860 938-1458     
Almoner                Bruce Brightman              WL7Bruce@yahoo.com               860-416-0549     
Historian                Ed Lawson Jr                  edosan7@yahoo.com                  860 7961439      



Brian  Beals                     brian.e.beals@gmail.com             860) 620-4102 
Brian  Kirk                        blokrocbet@comcast.net             860  919-9462  
William Seery                   det37k9@gmail.com                   914 469-9196   


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