A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena

It's already May and there so much already done and to get done. I have always been told "you can't do it alone" and "delegate". Now I understand what being Master entails. Thank you to all the Brothers that have stepped up to get things done because without your support I would never call his year a success. 
This Monthly newsletter has been very well received and I hear all the positive feedback from brothers of all ages.  Over 2/3 of our membership reads it.

We have a lot of activities plan over the next few weeks and I want everyone  to be aware of those activities:

Late-April / May 2022 Events

-April 30th: Food Drive @ Gnazzo's (8a-4p)
April 30th  Brother Dick Kirchner's graveside service @ West Cemetery in Plainville (arrive by 9:45am)

-May 1st: Food Drive @ Gnazzo's (8a-4p)

-May 10: Past Master's Night  - Open invitation for any Past Master to visit and share stories about his year in the East

-May 15: FC Rehearsal @ Lodge (11am)

-May 21: Monthly fellowship breakfast @ Uncle Bob's (8am-ish)

-May 24: Tentative FC Degree night

Looking forward to meeting YOU on the level
Jude Medena


Congratulations  Brother Justin Jiantonio and Erin on the birth of their daughter

Hailey Ann Jiantonio on April 23rd at 1:18 am


A note from Brother Ed Lawson  in Yokohama Japan

My Brothers,

A fantastic, informative Master's Message!     It keeps me connected from the 7200 miles which separate us.  I was also cheered to find that I had a number of parallel interests with Brothers there.

I have had some Masonic contact here, but some family priorities made us schedule our flight dates so that, unfortunately, I could not attend either April or May meetings of FE1

 Another situation is that "Golden  Week" , a general holiday falls each early May, so FE1 changes their meeting date, to avoid conflicts with peoples vacations.

The WM of Far East One called a special get-together for two days before we return to CT.  I want to explain to them just what an impact FE1 has had on my life.  I am, I am told that I'm the oldest member of the Lodge(81 in June) and in Masonic life, as well.  In two weeks, it will be 59 years since I was Raised.  I have been blessed.

I regret that I cannot attend the ceremony for WB Dick Kirshner.  It would be an extreme honor to participate.  WB Dick was the first to appoint me, so many years ago, as Historian, and later, Chaplain.  I am eternally grateful to him, and to his family, for sharing him with us.  I will visit his final resting place when we return to CT.


Fraternally and gratefully,


Ed Lawson


     Evening Star Lodge #101
22 Main Street, Unionville, CT 06085
held at
Village Lodge #29
123 River Road, Collinsville CT
May 7, 2022
3:00 P.M.
(Lodge opens at 2:30)
PLEASE RSVP by April 29th
gjensen6@ctfreemasons.net or by Texting 860-985-0602

All Brothers and their guests are welcome!



Unfortunately there is no picture from the April 16th Fellowship Breakfast.  Brothers Ray Barker, Charlie Brennan, Ed Little, Brian Beals, Jay Bostwick, Chet Russell, Dan Dabrowski, and Bruce Brightman 
The March Blue Lodge Council annual meeting was held at Frederick Franklin #14 with 69 brothers attending and all 9 lodges were represented.  Congrats to our new president, Bob Everest, Vice President Harry Needham III, Secretary, Steve Gorham, and Treasurer Gary Arseneau.   A presentation of the life of Paul Revere presented by RWB George Frascarelli  and RWB Peter Keefe.
The Traveling Gavel was retained by Sequin Level Lodge with 17 Brothers in attendance

 Hockey Night

16 Brothers from Frederick Franklin Lodge 14 and Unity Lodge 148 met in Hartford for some fun, fellowship, and Wolf Pack hockey. 

They were treated to a goal scoring clinic, though Hartford came out on the short end. but the Fellowship... hockey…and beer specials! 

Brother Patrick Kilby (r) enjoying a reunion with WB Ken Jones, RWB Dick Guimond while traveling in Florida

Frederick Franklin At Refreshment

July 9th   Join your brothers for a fun time at the range   Offering trap, rifle and pistol practice
  In order to effectively plan (limited space) we need commitments fro any brother interested
Interested?     Sign up here

More to come about the Lodge Picnic for July or August

Congratulations to all our brother Raised in May

                                          Raised             Years

John      Swanson              5/27/1975            46.9
Ronald  Green                   5/5/1975              47.0
Bernard  O'Keefe               5/4/1970              52.0
Frederick Rosenbaum        5/6/1972              50.0
Vance   Syphers                 5/22/1967            55.0
Donald  Tassinari               5/19/1962            60.0
Alan Wasley                       5/8/1967              55.0
Edward Lawson                 5/10/1963            59.0
Russell  Wagoner              5/10/1982            40.0
John La Forest-Roys         5/10/1982            40.0
Charles Weiss                   5/22/1995            26.9
John Rossi                        5/22/2001            20.9
Kenneth Jones                  5/21/2005            16.9
Curtis Shank                     5/19/2007            14.9
Bruce Brightman               5/17/2008            13.9
Michael Kelley                   5/17/2008            13.7
Kenneth Haas                   5/30/2015            6.9
Jeffrey  Rowland                5/30/2015            6.9


2022 Awards Night

Worshipful Master Jude Medena and RW Shane Dufresne, GJD, present the Hometown Hero award to Plainville Police Chief Christopher Vanghele 
supported by RWB G.Randal Hornaday and RWB Matthew F. Griffin
RWB Matthew F.Griffin presents WB Fred Rosenbaum with his 50 year certificate, pin, and dues card at the Awards Night on April 26th 2022
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