My Brothers,

We have achieved so much in January and February. Here is a recap of all we have achieved so far.

  • We have discussed and established a dress code for how brothers should dress while in the lodge room.
  • We held a ritual bootcamp, during which we went over proper lodge procedures for welcoming dignitaries.
  • We balloted on three petitioners who are now going to be made Entered Apprentice on February 22nd.
  • We held a Valentine’s Day dinner, during which our Junior Warden and his wife Courtney, made a wonderful meal, which was enjoyed by all who attended.
  • We hosted a successful Super Bowl party, attended by masons and non-masons, thanks to WB Raul Tovar’s advertising on our social media sites.

Recognizing a need and desire to help, WB Fred Rosenbaum, a 50 Year member, offered to sit in as Junior Deacon for 2022.

It brings me a lot of joy to see all my brothers coming back to lodge and attending lodge event. Let’s keep to ball rolling throughout the month of March.

March 2022 Events

Upcoming events for MARCH:

  • MARCH 6th 11AM: “Ritual Bootcamp” at Frederick Franklin Lodge
  • MARCH 8th 630PM: Dinner, 7:30PM Entered Apprentice Degree Review & Education Night
  • MARCH 11th 630PM: Corned beef dinner limited seating, reservations are a needed
  • MARCH 22nd 630PM: Dinner, 730PM regular stated communication
  • MARCH 26th 8AM: Grand Lodge Annual Communication (Windsor CT)
  • MARCH 31st 630PM: Blue Lodge Council Meeting Hosted by Frederick Franklin #14

Masonic Birthdays

Please join me in congratulating the following Brothers raised in March.

Brother Raymond T. Barker March 13th 1961 - 61 YEARS

Brother Charles J. Brennan March 3rd 1970 - 52 YEARS

Brother George R. Churchill March 8th 1965 - 57 YEARS

WB Kenneth H. Kirschner March 1st 1976 - 46 YEARS

Brother Michael Saman Jr March 8th 1971 - 51 YEARS

Brother Robert P. Wilson Sr March 21st 1977 - 45 YEARS

RWB Brian E. Beals March 5th 1979 - 43 YEARS

Brother Robert D. Du Pont March 16th 1981 - 41 YEARS

Brother Domenick A. Garzone March 20th 1989 - 33 YEARS

Brother Alan S. Wilder March 16th 1955 - 67 YEARS

Brother Denis E. Richard March 26th 1996 - 26 YEARS

Brother Troy R. Sterling March 23rd 1999 - 23 YEARS

WB Charles A. Rowland March 15th 1999 - 23 YEARS

Brother John J. Zinzalet March 8th 2003 - 19 YEARS

Brother Randy A. Dickey March 20th 2008 - 14 YEARS

Brother Robert S. Lavoie March 1st 2011 - 11 YEARS

Brother David J. Slomski March 1st 2011 - 11 YEARS

Sickness & Distress

RWB Frank Dlugoleski recovering from surgery on his leg
Brother Tom Garcia recently underwent Knee replacement surgery
WB Bill Calder’s mother passed away




Jude Medena
Worshipful Master