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Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena

June 2022

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the lodge will be discussing and voting on the scholarship fund at our first meeting in June (06/14/2022)

Brothers, there has been some concern and discussions regarding the status and future of a lodge scholarship fund (former Judd Lewis Quarry scholarship). These discussions have ranged from the possibility of establishing a committee that would be held strictly responsible for administrative duties and all that it includes, to entertaining the possibility of winding it down and the appropriate method of dispersing the remaining $4,800.00 in the account for higher education 
By way of background, the scholarship was started by a few brothers of Frederick No. 14 in mid-1980s under the lodge’s social group, the Judd Lewis Quarry. Initially, the scholarship was limited to children of members who resided in Plainville and entering their second year of higher education. The scholarship was later expanded to the children of all members of Frederick No. 14. Following the merger of Fredrick and Franklin, it was expanded to include Plainville High, Bristol Central, and Bristol Eastern. Significantly, the scholarship has not been awarded in eight (8) years due to a lack of applicants, advertising, and no one willing to take on the administrative duties.  
There is nothing in the bylaws of the lodge or in the Judd Lewis Quarry bylaws referencing a “scholarship.” However, these funds were raised for the scholarship, and accordingly cannot be transferred to the lodge’s general operating expense fund.  Therefore, to explore our options and avoid any disharmony amongst the craft, I am asking any Brother who seeks to comment on the scholarship fund should attend.

If you are unable to attend, please send your written comments to the lodge secretary so they can be read into the record.   COMMENTS
If you have any questions regarding the fund or seek additional information prior to the meeting, kindly direct all inquiries to  the secretary    INFORMATION



Jude Medena 

Worshipful Master




2022 Officers

Worshipful Master      Judemayer Medena         medena.judemayer@gmail.com   203-803-7426   
Senior Warden           Daniel Levine                  DML5092@gmail.com                 860 919-9708   
Junior Warden            Andrew Bronson            abronson86@gmail.com               315-717-9040   
Treasurer                  Frank Dlugoleski             fdlugoleski@gmail.com                860-518-7410   
Secretary                  Chet Russell                 secretary14@gmail.com              860 221-5241    
Senior Deacon           Michael Kelley               makmagic@gmail.com              860-944-6786     
Junior Deacon           Fred Rosenbaum           fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com       860-543-9676     
Chaplain                 G. Randal Hornaday        hornadayr@msn.com                  860 508-0361     
Senior Steward         Patrick  Kilby                patrick.m.kilby@gmail.com           860-966-3873    
Tiler                       Thomas Garcia Sr           laylagarcia@yahoo.com                860 302-0216    
Marshal                 Jeff  Rowland                   jeffrowland13@att.net                   860 938-1458     
Almoner                Bruce Brightman              WL7Bruce@yahoo.com               860-416-0549     
Historian                Ed Lawson Jr                  edosan7@yahoo.com                  860 7961439      



Brian  Beals                     brian.e.beals@gmail.com             860) 620-4102 
Brian  Kirk                        blokrocbet@comcast.net             860  919-9462  
William Seery                   det37k9@gmail.com                   914 469-9196   

Upcoming events

May 24  Stated  Dinner @ 6:30
May 29  FC REHEARSAL @ 3pm
June 4th NB Bees Game use  code "mason" to get into the group $5.00 Tickets  https://nb1.glitnirticketing.com/nbticket/web/logingroup1.php 
June11th  Grand Masters Day  9-3 at Masonicare 
June 14th   Flag Day ceremony on front lawn of lodge @ 6 pm
June 14th  Fellow Craft Degree
June 18th  Hartford FC vs Ceder Stars Soccer Game   Tailgate at 4   game at 7    More Info
July 9th   Join your brothers from 10 - 2  for a day at the range   Offering trap, rifle, pistol and fishing  Safety instructions will provided for inexperienced brothers 

In order to effectively plan (limited space) we need firm commitments from any brother interested     More Info
July 23  Special Communication    Master Mason Degree
August 23rd   Lodge Picnic / BBQ  Bring you family, lawn chair and a side dish to share  Burgers and dogs will be provided

Fellowship Breakfast

Ed Lawson joined us having just returned from 5 weeks in Japan, Welcome Home!

Dan Dabrowski, Mark Parasiliti, Bill Calder, Chet Russell, Brian Beals, and Jay Bostwick


Congratulations to all our brothers raised in June

Konner Claywell               6/26/2021            1
Joshua  Parasiliti             6/10/2017            5
Michael Butteri                6/14/2010           12
John  Fredericks             6/9/2009              13
Vasilios Tiniakos             6/18/2003            19
William Calder                6/20/1995            27
Richard Guimond           6/9/1987              35
Jay Bostwick                  6/1/1987              35
David  Fulford                 6/1/1987              35
Matthew Griffin               6/16/1980            42
J. Kem Appell                 6/9/1970              52
Ernest Phillips                6/8/1959              63
Charles Ricker                6/8/1959              63
Edward Little                   6/9/1958              64
Edward Lorenson             6/17/1957           65
Howard Swanson            6/5/1956              66
Raymond Reynolds       6/22/1955              67
Robert  Abrams              6/24/1954             68
Donald  Zahnke              6/13/1949             73


Awards 2022
Worshipful Master Medena, RW G Randal Hornaday,  Christopher Vanghelli, RW Shane Dufrense
RW Matthew Griffin & 50 year brother Fred Rosenbaum
WB Fred Rosenbaum closing lodge

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