A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena

July 2022

Brothers, Following the discussion regarding the Scholarship, The following motion was brought before the craft on June 28th ,2022  and passed 

Using the existing fund, a maximum of four, $1,000 Scholarships will be issued to children/grandchildren of Frederick Franklin Lodge #14 members.
All applicants must complete the application completely to be eligible and must be enrolled in their second or greater year of College or verified Technical Institute. If greater than four applications are received, the top three officers will be responsible for reviewing the applications and determining who will be awarded. The remaining funds, ie the amount that will completely deplete the existing Scholarship Fund, will be evenly distributed to one more educational improvement groups per the top three officers discretion (for example, DeMolay, Rainbow, etc).

Currently there is $4800.00 in the scholarship account that is not availing itself to the lodge, the community, students or our own fraternal charities. and in no way prevents a scholarship being given out in the future if the lodge so decides

The scholarship was started by a few brothers of the Judd Lewis Quarry in the mid-1980s  to assist the children of members who resided in Plainville and entering their second year of higher education.
As the scholarship expanded to other towns, less and less applications were received and none in the past 6 years  This is our fault for not promoting it better and the $500.00 probably wasn't attractive enough for applicants to apply for.   Even when it was increased to $1000.00 the applications were scarce

If you know or have an eligible applicant please download the fill the application in full and submit it to
Scholarship Committee

Wishing each of my brothers a safe and wonderful summer
I hope you can join your brothers at the lodge Picnic,August 23rd and the Joint MM degree on July 16th


Jude Medena 

Worshipful Master


Congratulations to Brothers Bilal Chakas and Marlon Zakuri on being passed the the second step in Masonry on June 14, 2022


There being no Master Masons raised during the Month of July, the Worshipful Master wants to wish all our brothers having birthdays in July a Very Happy Birthday!

Robert  Abrams                       7/7/1930             93
Ronald  Baker                         7/18/1934           89
Raymond Barker                      7/3/1932            91
Daniel Bergeron                     7/8/1992               31
Jason Cyr                            7/23/1970              53  
Michael Debboli                        7/26/1986            37
Mitchell Foote                           7/5/1956              67
Richard Lubben                       7/7/1950             72
Richard Paradise                      7/16/1957            65
John Swanson                          7/7/1953             70

A very special Birthday Wish to our centurion
Donald  Zahnke                 7/18/1923            100


It is with sadness to report the passing of Brother Donald Emery
Don was 95 and passed at his daughters home in Maine on Monday June 20th 
Don owned Emery's  Fishing and Hunting Shop on Whiting St. For many years


Fellowship Breakfast

Eight brothers and Bill Calder's son, Robert, enjoyed the fellowship Breakfast  on the 18th
Always a nice time and varied conversations
Maybe you can join the brothers next month on the next month on the 16th

Steak Night

Eight brothers attended the annual steak night at Camp Happy Hill in Unionville
150 brothers and friends gathered to socialize and enjoy a open grilled steak diner under the pavilion

Thank You to Evening Star #101 for a nice meal and fellowship


Upcoming events

July 9th      RANGE DAY DEADLINE  for reservations is June 30th There are only 4 reservations left and payment of $25.00 needs to be in hand by July 1st to effectively plan for the lunch being provided   The event runs from 10 - 2  and 17 brothers will be attending   Bring your favorite rifle or pistol.  Safety instructions will present to assist  inexperienced brothers and assist on the range                            More Info 

July 16th      MM DEGREE  In conjunction with Unity Lodge #148, Frederick Franklin #14 will be assisting in the Master Mason Degree for 5 Fellowcafts..  Unity lodge will open at 10am with the degree starting by 10:15  There will be a lunch provided at approx 11:45 am.   The lodge will be back at labor promptly at 1 pm for presentation of the Builders Lodge and Tragedy

August 23rd   Lodge Picnic / BBQ  Bring you family, lawn chair and a side dish to share.
Burgers, dogs, condiments, and cold drinks will be provided will be provided.
Have something  you want cooked, give it to the grill master to prepare for you.


Know of any brother in need?  A brothers passing?  Event you want to share?   Pictures?
Share it with your brothers   here

2022 Officers

Worshipful Master      Judemayer Medena         medena.judemayer@gmail.com   203-803-7426   
Senior Warden           Daniel Levine                  DML5092@gmail.com                 860 919-9708   
Junior Warden            Andrew Bronson            abronson86@gmail.com               315-717-9040   
Treasurer                  Frank Dlugoleski             fdlugoleski@gmail.com                860-518-7410   
Secretary                  Chet Russell                 secretary14@gmail.com              860 221-5241    
Senior Deacon           Michael Kelley               makmagic@gmail.com              860-944-6786     
Junior Deacon           Fred Rosenbaum           fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com       860-543-9676     
Chaplain                 G. Randal Hornaday        hornadayr@msn.com                  860 508-0361     
Senior Steward         Patrick  Kilby                patrick.m.kilby@gmail.com           860-966-3873    
Tiler                       Thomas Garcia Sr           laylagarcia@yahoo.com                860 302-0216    
Marshal                 Jeff  Rowland                   jeffrowland13@att.net                   860 938-1458     
Almoner                Bruce Brightman              WL7Bruce@yahoo.com               860-416-0549     
Historian                Ed Lawson Jr                  edosan7@yahoo.com                  860 7961439      



Brian  Beals                     brian.e.beals@gmail.com             860) 620-4102 
Brian  Kirk                        blokrocbet@comcast.net             860  919-9462  
William Seery                   det37k9@gmail.com                   914 469-9196