A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Daniel Levine

Roll of the workmen


It is with sadness to report the passing of RWB Raymond Cobb,  Brother George Golnik, Brother Bill Baker.

RWB Cobb's family requested a Masonic service at a time to be announced
Brother Golnik was a private service
Brother Bill Baker's Family requested a Masonic service at a "celebration of life" on April 15 at 10 am  at the Prospect Methodist Church,  99 Summer St.  Bristol,  Ct

Our Altar will be draped in mourning of our departed brothers
Please Keep these brothers in your thoughts and prayers




This is a reminder that April will be a busy month for community service. We will be at Gnazzo’s for our annual food drive on April 15th and 16th from 8am to 4pm. 


We will also be cleaning up Paderewski Park on April 29th from 9am to 1pm. 


I am asking each Brother to give at least an hour of their time for one of these events if within the length of their cable-tow, whether it be soliciting food drive donations or driving the truck to the food bank or helping out at the park. 


These are our two main community service programs and reminds the public of the good we do for the town. If you’re able to help us out, don’t forget to wear your Lodge polo shirt if you have one, so that we can get pictures for the newspaper. 


Thank you for all you do, and we hope to see you as we help the community we proudly serve!

Where were You on March 14th?

28 Brothers from two lodges initiated 4 new brothers into Masonry.  The officers and brothers did an outstanding job initiating 4 new Brothers into the Fraternity,  The degree included the Door lecture, Long Form Apron Presentation, First and Second section lectures, and charges
Congratulations to everyone that participated, and set the bar high for future degree work.

April - June Trestle

(Links to events are highlighted)

April 6            Yard Goats Home Opener, 7PM
April 11           Stated Communication
April 15th       Fellowship Breakfast  8 am@ Uncle Bob's
April 15th       Food Drive for Food Pantry @ Gnazzo's 8-4 pm
April 16th       Food Drive for Food Pantry @ Gnazzo's 8-4 pm

April 18           FC Degree Rehearsal, 630 PM
April 23           Officers Meeting and FC Degree Rehearsal, 1100 AM
April 25           FC Degree
May 6               WWII D day @ Normandy    Presentation
May 9              Awards & Lodge of Sorrow
May 10            O.E.S. Dinner at 6 pm
May 20th         Fellowship Breakfast  8 am@ Uncle Bob's
May 21            Officers Meeting, 11AM
June 13            Stated  & Flag Day Walk Thru
June 14            Flag Day Ceremony, 5:30
June 17            Fellowship Breakfast  8 am@ Uncle Bob's
June 20            MM Degree Rehearsal, 6:30
June 21            DD Presentation @ 3:30 pm
June 23            MM Degree Rehearsal, 6 pm
June 24            MM Degree, 10AM
June 27            Summer Break & Game Night
June 29            Annual Blue Lodge Council Picnic @ 6:so pm


Where were You on March 17th?

44 brothers, wives,friends enjoyed an old fashioned Corned Beef dinner  
Many thanks to the cooks and brothers helping for a memorable meal

Lodge Polos

Show you belong to the Fraternity.
 The design is a sports/golf style polo with the Square and Compasses and the lodge name. This is the same design we selected in the summer. Each shirt is $32.00 and that includes the shirt and embroidery (as well as shipping if wanted). If you wish to have yours personalized with your name, there is an additional charge of $8.00.
  To order, send your desired size, quantity, and name if you want it personalized to Dan at   daniel.r.dabrowski@gmail.com

Please send your payment to the Secretary via check or use PayPal or Venmo

From the West



Greetings from the West. We have now entered into the "busy season" of our calendar, and with Worshipful Master Dan's trestle board filled with many informative and exciting events, I fear contributing additional Masonic education during those meetings might dilute the messages of our various programs. Therefore, as with last month, I'll be presenting this month's Masonic education as a part of our newsletter.


Last month, I went into detail about Frederick (Baron Friedrich von Steuben) and Franklin, but this month, I'll shine a few items of interest from Frederick Lodge.


As we know, Frederick Lodge was founded in 1787 by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, as there was no Grand Lodge of Connecticut at that time. The lodge number in Massachusetts was 26, rather than 14. When the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Connecticut was founded in 1789, it gained jurisdiction over the fourteen lodges in Connecticut that were chartered by Massachusetts. And so, Frederick #14 was the final of the Original 14 lodges to come from Massachusetts to Connecticut. 


Frederick Lodge willingly surrendered its charter in 1874. According to Grand Lodge proceedings that year, this was done because of an internal dispute. Rather than pursue the avenues of suspension or expulsion, the Brothers opted to surrender their charter, and then immediately reapply for a new charter. So this is why we see in the lodge's footnotes of history that the charter was surrendered, rather than revoked.


For more information like this, there are files of Grand Lodge proceedings all the way back to the Grand Lodge's founding located on our Grand Lodge website - www.ctfreemasons.net under the "About Us" menu tab.




Andy Bronson

Senior Warden



The Worshipful Master congratulates all the brothers raised in April

Brian Carey                    37 Years
Jason Cyr                       16 Years
Henry Fitzgerald             51 Years
Mitchell Foote                20 Years
G Randal Hornaday       25 Years
Jerry Kaizer                   43 Years
Brian Kirk                      16 Years
Lynn Simpson               51 Years
Joseph Zerbey             52  Years


2023 officers

Worshipful Master      Daniel      Levine              DML5092@gmail.com                            860 -919-9708
Senior Warden            Andrew   Bronson            abronson86@gmail.com                       315-717-9040
Junior Warden            Michael   Kelley                 makmagic@gmail.com                           860-944-6786
Treasurer                     Frank Dlugoleski              fdlugoleski@gmail.com                         860- 518-7410
Secretary                     Chet     Russell                 secretary14@gmail.com                         860- 221-5241
Senior Deacon          Jude     Medena                  medena.judemayer@gmail.com          203-803-7426
Junior Deacon           Frederick Rosenbaum     fredrosenbaum@hotmail.com              860-543-9676
Senior Steward          Patrick Kilby                        patrick.m.kilby@gmail.com                   860-966-3873
Junior Steward           Marlon Zakuri                     mazakuri@yahoo.com                           475- 237-8036
Chaplain                      George Hornaday             hornadayr@msn.com                            860- 508-0361
Marshal                        Alan   Zaniewski                inxsfan33@gmail.com                          860- 380-7742
Tyler & Trustee            Thomas Garcia Sr            laylagarcia@yahoo.com                       860- 302-0216
Historian                      Raul   Tovar                        raul.tovar@disney.com                         210- 449-7422
Almoner                         Charles Weiss                 cdcweiss@ntplx.net                              860-583-8868

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