A list of the official communications from the Worshipful Master of Frederick Franklin Lodge No. 14. An archive is listed below the most recent communication.


Worshipful Master Judemayer Medena


I hope you like this monthly communication to keep everyone up to date with lodge events. 

 March was a total success and we meet all my expectations for the month. from initiating three new brothers, having a great turn out at our corned beef dinner, and the Saturday fellowship breakfast attendance keeps growing. The corned beef dinner was a great success all due to RWB Chet and our Senior Warden, Brother Dan Levine, spending countless hours in the kitchen. Having RWB Frank and Brother Tom join us following their surgeries was another highlight. Both seem to be doing very well but still grumpy and gimping around so we know they are getting better (ha ha). We had our monthly fellowship over breakfast at Uncle Bobs in Plainville, during which multiple brothers came together and broke bread and shared stories and laughter for hours.

As you can see we have a lot to do this coming month and I encourage each of you to participate or attend in at least one function so I can  meet you in person. 

At the bottom, there are links to our lodge website, Grand View, and a "Suggestion Box"  I want to hear what YOU would like to see. It brings me a lot of joy to see all my brothers coming back to lodge and attending lodge events let’s keep momentum going.


Jude Medena
Worshipful Master 

April Schedule


  April 2nd     Wolf Pack Hockey game @ 7 pm

  April 3rd    EA education followed by Lodge of Sorrows rehearsal @ 11AM  in lodge room

  April 12th   Short Stated Communication followed by fellowship game night (cards, pool, etc.)

  April 16th    Monthly Fellowship Breakfast 8 am @ Uncle Bob's Ham & Egg in Plainville

  April 26th   Awards Night and Lodge of Sorrow

  April 30       Food drive at Gnazzo's Market  8 am -3 pm

  April 30th   Graveside Memorial service for A. Richard Kirchner @ Wast Cemetery Plainville  9:15 am

  May 1st       Food drive at Gnazzo's Market   8 am -3 pm

Upcoming events

July 9th   Join your brothers for a fun time at the range   Offering trap, rifle and pistol practice

More to come about the Lodge Picnic for July or August

March Breakfast
Collin Kempi, Chet Russell, Bill Calder, Wayne Adams Jay Bostwisk,Dan Dabrowski, Marlon Zakuri, Mark Parasiliti, Brian Beals, Fred Rosenbaum


Meet  the Officers

Worshipful Master Judemayer  Medena

How did you get involved with Masonry?
Growing up I always saw my father with his masonic ring on his finger and I knew I wanted to grow up and become a Mason so he could pass on his ring to me. On my 18th birthday, I contacted Frederick Franklin Lodge #14 via EMR, and I was put in contact with WB Cris Astudillo, who invited me to come down for dinner. Next thing I knew, seven years had gone by, and I was being installed as Master of the Lodge. How time flies when you’re having fun, am I right?
What's your life like outside of Masonry?
I’m almost always at work but when I’m not there I’m usually home spending time with my newborn, which I cherish very much. Most of you already know that I’m a police officer and I work very long strange hours. So, when I have time off, I try to spend most of time with my family and friends.
What are your hobbies? 
I enjoy training in combative sports such as boxing, kickboxing and jiu jitsu. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, working on my motorcycle and car but more importantly I really enjoyed going to the shooting range and practicing lead therapy. 

Tell us about where you’ve traveled.
I’ve traveled to multiple countries, mostly of them being in Europe. In 2015, I got the privilege to sit in a titled lodge in England. I also got the opportunity to sit in as a candidate for an EA degree while at the lodge in England. I’ve been to the following countries: Haiti, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, and lastly Morocco. I’m sure I forgot one or two other countries, needless to say, I’ve seen a thing or two. More like a place or two. 

Junior Warden Brother Andrew Bronson

How did you get involved in Masonry?

Funny enough, I was originally looking to join Freemasonry back when I lived in Central New York. However, an awesome job opportunity came up at ESPN here in Bristol, and I leapt at that offer. About five years later, I found out that one of my co-workers, Raul Tovar, was not only a Mason but the current Master. I started attending dinners to get to know the guys, and the rest as they say is history.

What’s your life like aside from Masonry?

Aside from work, my favorite pastime is visiting new places. I love to take road trips and explore new places. When I’m not looking for the next great place to grab a bite to eat, I’m usually working on video game “mods” – which allows you to make a completely new game! I’m an overnight worker, with four days on and three off, but my shift is 6:30pm to 5am.

You like to road trip, so have you had the chance to do any Masonic travel?

Now that I live in Torrington, I’ve had the chance to affiliate with Seneca Lodge #55, and during the summer of 2021, I visited Forest City Lodge #388 in Cleveland, OH. When my visits to New York sync up, I look forward to not only sitting in lodge there, but with my in-laws living in Arkansas, I’ve already reached out to a few Masons down there as well.

As Junior Warden, are you a good cook? Do you have any favorite recipes?

I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive wife that helps in the kitchen to make sure everyone gets a good meal. We both grew up in Italian families, so pasta is one of our go-to meals. But my favorite thing we’ve cooked for the group so far was chicken cacciatore over pasta.

 Senior Steward  Brother Patrick Kilby

How did you get involved with Masonry?

I was always intrigued with Freemasonry. The mystery and also the rich history peeked my curiosity. Fast forward to 2015 and a coworker at my marine patrol job had mentioned that he was going thru a degree at Washington Lodge #19. He spoke with such passion and excitement about his experience. I mentioned to him that I was interested in joining but that I didn’t know how to start the process. He directed me to email him and then the grand lodge website EMR portal. The rest is history.


What are your hobbies?


I truly enjoy boating. There is nothing like the feeling of the sun shining on your skin, and the moist air of the water blowing against your body while racing thru the water. Shooting handguns at the range and swinging some sticks a.k.a clubs at the driving range and also a round of golf from time to time. Donating my time and giving back to the community to help humanity. A good cigar and Philosophical discussions with others about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness feeds the mind and soul. 


Tell us about where you've traveled?


Within the US of A I have been to Virginia, Georgia, Washington DC, California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine. The goal is to visit every state. Out of the country I have been to Canada, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands & The Bahamas. 


Congrats to the winners of the Super Bowl drawing

  • Right Worshipful Brother Mark Parasiliti winner of a $15 Starbucks gift card for 1st quarter score
  • Brother Ken Haas winner of a $15 Starbucks gift card for the 3rd quarter score
  • Brother Collin Kempi won a $25 gift card to Applebees for halftime.
  • Worshipful Brother Cris Astudillo won $50 to Applebees for the final score.

April Masonic Birthdays


 Brother Joseph  Zerbey  IV            4/5/1971                51
 Brother Lynn      Simpson               4/3/1972               50
 Brother Brian      Kirk                     4/27/2007              15
Brother Jerry      Kaizer                    4/7/1980               42
Brother George Hornaday                4/28/1998             24
Brother Mitchell Foote                     4/22/2003             19
Brother Henry    Fitzgerald              4/17/1972             50
Brother Jason     Cyr                         4/18/2007              8
Brother Brian      Carey                    4/8/1986               36
Brother Alan       Beals     Sr            4/7/1986               36
Brother Bill          Baker                  4/22/1967              55

Masonic Anniversaries

These brothers will be awarded increment pins at our Awards Night on April 26th

5 Years               Joshua  Parasiliti                               6/10/2017
15 Years             Curtis    Shank                                  5/19/2007
                           Brian      Kirk                                     4/27/2007
                           Thomas Bolton                                 12/1/2007
30 Years             Chet  Russell                                  10/27/1992
35 Years            Jay       Bostwick                                 6/1/1987
                          David     Fulford                                  6/1/1987
                          Richard Guimond                               6/9/1987
40 Years            Charles Taetsch                                9/14/1982
                          John      La Forest-Roys                   5/10/1982
                          Russell  Wagoner                             5/10/1982
45 Years            Robert  Wilson                                  3/21/1977
                         Steven  Roys                                    11/7/1977
50 Years           Raymond Cobb                                11/20/1972
50                     Frederick Rosenbaum                         5/6/1972
50                     Henry    Fitzgerald                            4/17/1972
50                     Lynn      Simpson                               4/3/1972
55 Years           Vance   Syphers                                5/22/1967
55                     Alan       Wasley                                 5/8/1967
55                     Bill          Baker                                  4/22/1967
60 Years           Donald  Tassinari                               5/19/1962
65 Years           Edward Lorenson                              6/17/1957

A special congratulations  to Brother Don Zanke with 73 years

In Memoriam

  • Worshipful Brother A. Richard Kirchner       born 10/02/1924   Passed 2/16/2022

A Masonic Grave Side service will be held on April 30th at the West cemetery in Plainville at 9:15 am